Why Hasn’t Kim Kardashian Named Any of Her Sons After Father Rob?

By now, most Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans know that Kim and Kanye originally had a different name picked out for their son Psalm. They wanted to call him Ye, which would be tantamount to naming him after his father. 

Kanye’s nickname is Ye, and it’s also his social media handle.

Even though they chose the name for Kanye, he was uncomfortable with the fact that the name didn’t have any meaning aside from it’s relationship to him. His other children have incredibly meaningful names, so little Psalm would have been left out if they went with Ye instead. 

Kim Kardashian on the red carpet
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Ye West was not meant to be

In the end, it was Kardashian’s sister who put an end to the name. Kylie Jenner objected so vehemently that she and West went with Psalm instead. The kids were already used to calling him Ye, though, so now they’ve given him the nickname Psalmye. 

Kardashian is pretty adamant that Psalm will be her last child, so she and West bucked family tradition with his name. Her father was named Robert, and her brother is named after him. It looks like she won’t be following suit and naming any of her sons Robert. 

Who is Robert Kardashian?

The patriarch of the Kardashian family, Robert, is the person who deserves most of the credit for getting the clan to where it is today. He was a big name in LA in the 1990s, and served as OJ Simpson’s defense attorney in his infamous murder trial.

He was good friends with Simpson, and while he wasn’t his primary defense attorney on the case, he did play an important role in the trial. 

While Robert is famous for the OJ Simpson trial, it’s not what made him his money. Robert was a lawyer to a lot of LA’s most talented and affluent residents. His law practice was lucrative. So lucrative that he left his children with a $100 million estate when he passed away in 2003. 

How did Robert and Kris meet?

Kardashian’s parents, Robert and Kris, met at a race track when Kris was just 17. At 28, Robert was more than 10 years her senior. Aside from the age difference, there was one other major obstacle to their relationship. Kris was dating a pro golfer at the time.

That didn’t stop her from bringing Robert home. When her boyfriend found out he was furious. Things ended between Kris and the golfer, clearing the way for her to date Robert. 

Together the pair had four children, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr. In 1991, their relationship ended the same way it began: with an affair. Kris cheated on Robert with a soccer player. While she admits that the relationship was purely sexual, she also feels it was a big mistake. It ruined her marriage, and Kris was very depressed. 

She would go on to marry again quickly, this time to another sports star, tennis player Bruce Jenner (now Catelynn). 

Kim Kardashian is honoring her father in other ways

Even though she and her husband did not name baby Psalm after her father, it is clear that Kardashian is honoring him after his death in other ways. She’s finally following his footsteps and becoming a lawyer, for one thing.

Even though she’s planning on reforming the criminal justice system instead of providing services to Hollywood’s elite, it’s still something that would have made him proud. 

She’s also connecting with her Armenian roots, which she inherited from her father’s side. In 2015, she even went to visit the country her father’s grandfather left. Kardashian has brought a lot of awareness to Armenian history and culture.

So, while Kardashian didn’t name her son after her father, she’s ensuring his legacy will carry on long after he’s gone