Why Haven’t We Seen Any of Jana Duggar’s Courtships on TV?

With 19 kids in the Duggar family, many individual family members have certainly made a name for themselves over the years. We all know Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the matriarch and patriarch of the Duggar family who helped their children attain the reality TV fame they have today. But now, we’re all obsessed with Jill, Jessa, and Jinger as they share news regarding their own families and children with the world on social media.

When it comes to a fan favorite, there is one Duggar woman we all love — and that’s Jana. Jana remains single, though she recently mentioned that she may have a more active love life than many of us thought. Here’s why we think none of her courtships have been televised for the world to see.

Jana just came forward and admitted she’s dated in the past

Jana Duggar has always struck fans as being much different than her siblings. While many of her sisters have seemingly rushed into courtships and married young, Jana has patiently waited for the right man to come along without forcing a relationship that didn’t feel authentic. She may still be living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof at 29 years old (the Duggars don’t move out until they’re married), but even so, she keeps busy helping her younger siblings and is totally OK with remaining single, as she trusts in her faith that everything is happening for her exactly as it should.

There’s been wild speculation over the years regarding if Jana has dated or not, but she’s never fully confirmed or denied the rumors — until now. Within the comments of one of her Instagram posts, a fan asked, “Are you and Laura dating? Anyone else think the same thing?” To that, Jana responded with, “No. And I would like to stop that rumor. I have no interest in girls that way whatsoever,” OK! Magazine notes. Not only that, but Jana wrote, “I have ‘courted’ or ‘dated’ a few guys, but so far nothing has gone into a serious relationship. Just continuing to wait and pray for the right guy to come along.”

It seems none of these courtships have gotten far enough for them to be worthwhile for TV

So, if Jana has courted a number of men as she claims, why haven’t we seen any of it on 19 Kids and Counting or Counting On? It seems Jana certainly likes to keep many aspects of her life private, so if the courtships didn’t get very far, it’s highly doubtful she’d want to put any of it on TV. And she’s certainly not the only one who’s had a failed courtship, either. Josiah also had a failed dating experience back in 2015 that we can’t forget about.

As for who Jana may have courted, there have plenty of rumors surrounding the topic that she has yet to confirm. Celebrity Insider reminds us there were rumors as far back as 2014 claiming Jana was dating Tim Tebow, and more recently, it seems fans of the Duggars and the Bates thought Jana and Lawson Bates were acting flirtatious online. We’re not sure if there’s any truth behind the Tim Tebow rumor, but unfortunately for Bates fans, many have come forward to confirm that Lawson and Jana are not romantically involved.

Jana’s so reserved that we’re not sure she’d share a courtship even if it was occuring

Jessa, Jill, and Jinger have all happily shared their journeys through love and marriage with Counting On fans, and we regularly get updates on their family lives via Instagram and their personal blogs. They’re much different than Jana, however — and we’re starting to believe that even if Jana was in a courtship, she would keep that information close to the chest until she was planning an engagement.

We know Jana just recently started sharing more aspects of her life via social media with her own personal Instagram. And while many assumed none of the Duggar women were allowed to have Instagram before marriage, Jessa dispelled that rumor, CafeMom reports. It seems Jana just didn’t want her own Instagram before now, and she certainly doesn’t interact with her fans as often as Jessa and Jill do online.

Fans are all hoping Jana finds her dream man eventually, as we’d all love to see another Duggar wedding. Unfortunately, it seems even if she does have a man in mind, we might not get all the details on TV.

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