Why Hilary Duff Says Her Kids ‘Are Annoying The Living Sh*t Out’ of Her

In August, Hilary Duff announced that her Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire would return to the network’s new streaming platform, Disney+. She also confirmed the reboot would these three key cast members from the original. However, Duff has her hands more than full with her two children, Luca and Banks. The 32-year-old actress raises her family with her fiance, a singer-songwriter/record producer named Matthew Koma.

Hilary Duff
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Duff shares Instagram videos showing her hanging on by the skin of her teeth with her kids

In December, Duff posted a black and white picture showing her two children smiling and kissing on Instagram. The photo was paired with a very vulnerable caption about motherhood.

“My kids are annoying the living sh*t out of me today,” Duff admitted. But, she acknowledged, “then they go and do this and make me feel so guilty. I swear I love them ……mostly.”

She concluded the post with the question, “but is it 5 yet?”, followed by a wine glass emoji.

“Girl you do NOT have to wait for 5 !!!” actress Jamie Lynn Sigler commented on the post.

Duff echoed this over-it sentiment in her Instagram Stories, too. In the videos, Duff’s hair is a mess while we hear kids scream at random in the background.

“I don’t know how I got palo santo painted on my face by Luca, a tattoo on my leg from Luca,” Duff tells the camera, showing off a drawing on her ankle.

Hilary Duff and Luca
Hilary Duff and her son Luca at the Monster Jam Celebrity Event | Ari Perilstein/Ari Perilstein / Getty Images for Feld Entertainment, Inc.

“Banks is about to fall off the couch onto my head for the third time,” she continues. At this point, Luca jumps into frame, screaming.

Hilary Duff’s Instagram Story shows her son Luca wrapping his sister in toilet paper

“Send help,” the former Lizzie McGuire star pleads to her Instagram followers. “Seriously, S.O.S.” Duff’s second “S.O.S.” is cut off by more children screaming, then the video ends abruptly. It’s, in a word, chilling.

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My sweet sweet buttercup

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Her third Instagram Story is a silent video of 7-year-old Luca wrapping Duff’s baby in toilet paper. The actress’s two dogs waddle around as the baby sits covered in TP. In the final video, 1-year-old Banks gets up, wandering off as Luca continues to swirl toilet paper around her. Ah, motherhood!

‘Lizzie McGuire’ star Hilary Duff is one exhausted mama at age 32

Duff certainly has her hands full, now that the Lizzie McGuire reboot is filming. The actress is currently engaged to musician Matthew Koma. Banks is Duff and Koma’s daughter, while Luca is Duff’s son from a previous relationship.

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma
Hilary Duff and musician Matthew Koma attend the Entertainment Weekly Celebration of SAG Award Nominees | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Earlier this year, Duff posted an Instagram Story showing a similar level of exhaustion. Duff was shown in a swimsuit carrying her daughter, Banks, as she walked through her backyard to the pool.

“Exhausted mom tip,” she said to the camera. “If your child eats like a pig, you bathe them in the pool.” Duff then waded into the pool with Banks.

“Maybe a couple of nights a month is okay, right?” she joked, washing the 1-year-old baby. “Crushing it on the mom front.”

We’re sure Duff is up to the challenge. But in the meantime, we wish her peace–and lots of wine.