Why ‘His Dark Materials’ is BBC’s Most Expensive Series Ever

The BBC is gearing up for an enormous series. Its version of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials will be its most expensive ever. Filming for the second installment in the series is already being worked on before the first season has even aired yet.

Fans have been waiting to see BBC’s adaptation and can not wait to see what they have come up with. HBO is co-producing the show with BBC, and it will be released sometime this Fall.

In His Dark Materials, an important feature of the series is that a person’s soul lives outside their body, and instead takes the form of a talking animal that is called a daemon. They are heavily featured in the story as well as the newly released trailer.

Who will play the main character of Lyra?

Dafne Keen
Dafne Keen at “His Dark Materials” Comic Con Autograph Signing 2019 at the 50th San Diego Comic Con International Convention. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

His Dark Materials is actually a trilogy of fantasy novels that follows two children, Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry. Dafne Keen plays Lyra, an orphan that will take on an epic journey of immense importance.

According to The Sun, the BBC made the choice to continue filming with the sequel, on the chance Dafne would look too old for it if they didn’t.

Piers Wenger, the head of drama at the BBC, said they were certain they were making the right choice to film this way. “It’s a leap of faith but a leap of faith that we all felt very sure about,” said Wenger.

“The first and second seasons are continuous and we have a young actor at the heart of the story who we needed to look the same age as they did in the first series, so that really meant we had to make the commitment to do the first two books.”

The first full trailer for ‘His Dark Materials’ has been released

The first full trailer was released during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Lyra can be seen in the trailer, as well as Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), who is Lyra’s uncle. Marisa Coulter (Ruth Wilson) is also seen, the woman who helps Lyra and takes her under her wing so to speak. Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda) is also featured in the trailer. He is the balloonist who helps aid Lyra in her travels.

The trailer looks fantastic, and even features a better look at lorek Byrnison, the armored polar bear. He is a favorite amongst fans of the books, and it looks like he will have a good amount of screen time in the upcoming series.

The book series have been included on various banned book lists

The book series has been extremely popular with fans all over the world. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. The books have been criticized by the Catholic Church and are frequently on various banned book lists.

During the panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con where the trailer was released, executive producer Jane Tranter addressed this point specifically.

“Philip Pullman is not attacking belief, he’s not attacking faith or religion or the church per se,” explained Tranter. “He’s attacking a particular form of control, where there’s a deliberate attempt to hold information, keep people in the dark, and not allowing ideas to be free. At times that can be personified by an autocratic government or a church. In His Dark Materials, it’s personified by the Magisterium. But it doesn’t equate to any particular church or form or religion in our world and we should be clear on that.”