Why Howard Stern Can’t Stand ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo

Fans have known and loved Theresa Caputo ever since TLC’s Long Island Medium first started. Caputo claims to be gifted with the ability to talk to the dead, and we got a glimpse into her life as a working medium during the show. This mean she was taking on clients, performing shows, and even stopping strangers on the street to discuss spirit with them — and viewers were totally in awe of her powers.

It appears not everyone is a huge fan of Caputo’s however — and there have even been some celebrities who have given a negative opinion of the big-haired, long-nailed medium. Here’s why Howard Stern has said in the past that he severely dislikes her.

Media outlets have reported on Caputo’s unreasonable demands before

Before we get to what Howard Stern said, it’s important to note that according to Radar Online, Caputo’s known for her insane demands while touring. While on her Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience tour, a source close to the medium spilled on how difficult Caputo is to work with. “She and her entourage only fly first class, and she even refuses to fly on certain airlines,” the source said. And when it came to her accommodations, there was no skimping there, either. The source continued, “She refuses to stay in anything but brand new, five star hotels. She hates older properties. And she will only sleep in the king or presidential suite.”

According to the source, there’s a reason we’re always seeing Caputo looking totally done-up in public, too, and that’s because during her tour, she allegedly demands a fresh spray tan as well as full hair and makeup any time she leaves hotel grounds. Her assistants also aren’t allegedly paid well, and, the insider says, “She’s extremely particular about food. If something isn’t up to her standards, she throws a huge temper tantrum!”

Howard Stern said Caputo was ‘never coming in here’

It seems Stern’s opinions of Caputo is right in line with what the source told Radar Online. The publication also reported that back in 2013, Stern invited the medium on to his Sirius XM radio show. It wasn’t long before her long list of demands became too much for the host to bear, however. She allegedly needed 45 minutes just to be with the studio audience by herself before the show could begin, which prompted Stern to believe she wasn’t so psychic after all. As he said, “We’re not interested in leaving people alone with the Long Island psychic for 45 minutes. She’s never coming in here. … It’s never going to happen. The Long Island psychic is not a psychic.”

He’s not the only public figure to denounce Caputo, either. Anderson Cooper invited Caputo on to his show back in 2012 and also was reportedly totally skeptical of her abilities as a medium. And Bravo Host Andy Cohen has also written about his negative experiences with her.

An ex-client has also slammed Caputo

Famous folks aside, even Caputo’s clients aren’t necessarily happy with how she conducts business. Radar Online reported back in 2014 that one women who was read by Caputo on the air called her out for being a phony. Prior to the reading, the woman said she spoke to the medium’s assistant about her husband’s passing — and this was then the central aspect of the reading she received. “She promised she wouldn’t tell Theresa, but she totally could have told her everything,” she said.

As for the reading itself, the woman said Caputo “didn’t hit on anything surprising, and became very agitated and angry when I shut her down.” She concluded with, “I think Theresa’s a phony.”

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