Will Hugh Jackman Star as Doctor Doom in Disney+ Series?

Following the Fox/Disney merger, speculation concerning the Fantastic Four and the X-Men became an everyday pastime for MCU and comic book enthusiasts alike. Who will join first? How will they be incorporated? Which comic book stories will be transferred to the silver screen — with the MCU’s prototypical adjustments for continuity and movie-magic? The list goes on and on. And a great deal of speculation, and leaked materials, always find their way back to Doctor Doom.

Hugh Jackman Doctor Doom
Hugh Jackman | Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Before and Following San-Diego Comic-Con, We Got This Covered has been reporting on Marvel news — with updates from reliable leakers — each day. And, reports have indicated that Doctor Doom and/or Galactus will most likely be the MCU’s next “big baddies.” 

Hearing that Doctor Doom would be coming to the MCU led many fans to presume that the Fantastic Four would be presented in-tandem, as Doom is the group’s most notorious foe. However, recent reports indicate that Doctor Doom may receive some standalone treatment in the form of a Disney+ installment. And, if combining this news with earlier reports, Hugh Jackman may be set to take the reigns.

What we know so far about ‘Doctor Doom’ and Hugh Jackman’s connection to the part 

A few weeks back, We Got This Covered reported that Marvel “may have major plans for Doctor Doom separate from the Fantastic Four.” The outlet noted that one of their sources informed them of such, and went on to claim that MCU Cosmic’s theory — suggesting that Dr. Doom will enter the picture in the form of a Disney+ series — aligns best with the chatter the outlet has been picking up. 

A Disney+ show could set up the character — providing an intricate backstory without presenting the Fantastic Four — before segueing to his presence in the cinematic world, where he would meet Mr. Fantastic and the gang (right as Marvel Studios is ready to take on such a venture). In a fashion similar to reports surrounding WandaVision and Doctor Strange, the movie and TV narratives would interweave, drawing fans into an enticing web of characters and complex storylines. 

Considering Marvel Studios chose not to move forward with Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom film script, one could infer that movie plans were swapped for TV plans. This should come as no surprise, as Disney has yet to do an origin film on the big screen for a villain, and likely wants to test the waters on the small screen first. However, would Hugh Jackman be willing to venture to the small screen for the role, with the promise of a silver screen future? 

We Got This Covered first reported that Marvel was eyeing Hugh Jackman for Doctor Doom a few months back. The outlet explained, based on insider intel, that Marvel would love for Hugh Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine. However, a source close to We Got This Covered revealed that, if he doesn’t play Wolverine again, Marvel will try to get him to play a villain — and Doom is reportedly at the top of the list. 

We Got This covered was able to confirm that the MCU wants to work with Jackman in some capacity, as Wolverine or a villain, but does not know if the discussion has been presented to Jackman. Right now, Feige may just be keeping his hopes high and talking internally about the idea. So, could Jackman take on Doom? Could the man go from reluctant hero to big bad Doom? We can only hope.