Why Ian Somerhalder Wanted to Play a Human in His New Show, ‘V-Wars’ After ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Many recognize Ian Somerhalder for his role of Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. The vampire would do some terrible things for the people he loved. Now he’ll return to television with a different role.

Somerhalder is going to play a human in another vampire adaptation series. He revealed why that kind of role interested him after playing a more bad boy vampire. Here is everything you need to know.

Ian Somerhalder is playing Dr. Luther Swann in V-Wars

V-Wars will be based on the IDW graphic novel of the same name. It tells the story of Dr. Luther Swann after his friend Michael Fayne catches a mysterious disease, which turns him into a dangerous predator. That disease continues to spread and the world begins to split between humans and vampires.

Somerhalder will be starring as the doctor. The show will be streaming on Netflix and there will be 10 episodes. The actor was able to joke about doing another vampire show.

“If Robert Pattinson ended up doing another movie franchise about vampires, you’d think he was absolutely out of his mind,” he told PopSugar. “But this one has a message. I loved my experience and my family on The Vampire Diaries, but [with V-Wars] we get to tackle real, social issues without bludgeoning people over the head.”

He further explained how Netflix allows this difference. “There’s no rating on the show, so it’s actually a lot more realistic,” he said. “The way things happen in life, you can show. The social issues that you’re not able to address in network television, you can intertwine them into a fictional narrative that actually is not that far away from the truth.”

He said he wanted to play a normal good man

Ian Somerhalder | Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for ELLE

After playing a vampire for years, Somerhalder revealed that he was looking forward to something different. That might look a little less flashy to some people.

I wanted to be a normal good man,” the actor said according to Somerhalder. “He’s a dad, a husband, and has a true love of science and medicine… Swann’s superpower is simply that he’s a good dad and loves helping the world through science. Things turn in his world very quickly, but he will always remain that core strength. But we’ll see the evolution of this man and what he means to the world.”

He said the new show is very timely given current events

He also teased why the show feels right given what’s going on today. “This show is incredibly relevant right now and couldn’t be more timely, in my opinion,” said Somerhalder. “The show deals with so much of what is staring us in the face in our every day: disease, borders, politics, fear, confusion, media, and ill will.”

He then continued, “Now imagine this with crazed and hungry, murderous, newly-formed vampires running around. My character, Dr. Luther Swann, happens to be a leading researcher of infectious disease and unfortunately stumbles upon one that gives us a one-way ticket into this world.”

It sounds like the new role will have some differences from Damon Salvatore. V-Wars will be released on Netflix some time in 2019.