Why Is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Divorce Taking So Long?

For years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were Hollywood’s hottest couple. They took extravagant vacations, worked on various film projects together, and provided public support for each other’s careers. In true superstar fashion, their divorce has been over the top, with many accusations and bitter feelings on both sides. Their divorce has also been a long time coming, and unfortunately, it still isn’t finalized.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s fabled romance

When Brad first met Angelina in 2003, he was married to America’s golden girl, Jennifer Aniston. Brad and Angelina were set to star together in the romantic spy thriller Mr. and Mrs. Smith. From the beginning, sparks flew, and soon, rumors were leaking that Brad and Angelina were conducting an illicit affair. Although they denied the claims initially, Brad and Angelina started getting spotted together all over the world.

When Brad and Jen announced their divorce in 2004, that seemed to be the confirmation of the affair that the public was seeking. Brad and Angelina were inseparable after that and made their first outing as a couple in 2005. They went on to have three biological children and to adopt three children over the course of the next decade. Although rumors of a secret marriage continued to dodge the private couple, they avoided walking down the aisle until August 2014. The sweet ceremony was low-key and involved their entire brood of children.

The public and press believed they were the perfect couple, with a great family life and red-hot romance. However, all was not as it seemed on the surface and their time as a couple was winding to a close.

When did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split?

Between the years of 2014 and early 2016, sightings of the family together became increasingly less common. Rumblings of problems within the marriage started surfacing and were confirmed in September 2016, when Angelina filed for divorce from Brad.

While it’s likely that both parties hoped for an amicable split, the next couple years would bring a bitter battle, as both parents fought for custody over the six Jolie-Pitt children. Angelina even switched lawyers once during the proceedings, reportedly unhappy with the legal advice she was receiving.

Where do things stand between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie now?

The custody arrangements for the children, who range in age from 10 to 17, have definitely caused the divorce to take much longer than what seems normal. In addition to trying to establish custody plans that best benefit the children, Brad and Angelina are both very wealthy, and have the matter of finances to sort out.

After nearly three years of battling it out in court, the exes might have finally reached a good place. A recent report revealed that while their divorce isn’t final yet, it will be soon and that both actors are now considered legally single. This ruling is known as a “bifurcation,” and while it is relatively rare, it can be granted by a judge upon the request of both parties. According to the report, both Brad and Angelina requested that the ruling happen, and are both quite ready to get on with their lives.

In the long and sometimes sad story of Brangelina, their fans can only hope that they are able to achieve some happiness in their lives now and that through spending time with their children, they can get back to the best versions of themselves.