Why Is Carrie Underwood Having a Harder Time Rebounding From Her Second Son?

Carrie Underwood has been in the news a lot over the past several years, from her very scary fall and subsequent surgical reconstruction of her face to her pregnancy and eventual birth of her second son, Jacob Bryan Fisher.

Underwood is known for being open with her fans, and for documenting her daily life on social media, from what workouts she prefers to adorable snapshots of her husband, Mike Fisher, parenting their children. One of her latest social media posts, on March 19th, is probably her most open and honest yet.

Underwood’s journey to two children

Carrie Underwood married hockey pro Mike Fisher in 2008, and by 2010, they had tied the knot. They waited a few years to start their family and welcomed their son Isaiah in February 2015. For years, fans thought that Underwood, Fisher, and their son were a happy party of three, but the reality was that Underwood had been going through a fertility struggle for some time. After she announced that she was pregnant for the second time in the summer of 2018, Underwood opened up about how before this successful pregnancy, she had suffered two miscarriages.

Underwood also spoke openly about her fears prior to getting pregnant for the second time, saying that she felt that at the age of 35, she might have missed her chance to have another baby. In spite of the fact that her second pregnancy was much harder on her physically, Underwood had a healthy pregnancy, ultimately giving birth to Jacob Bryan in January 2019. 

What did Underwood say about bouncing back?

Although she rose to fame for her incredible singing voice and impressive range, Carrie Underwood has also become well known for her dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She frequently praises the importance of moving as much as possible, which doesn’t always mean daily trips to the gym – Underwood is a fan of realistic workouts, which include walks in the park, pushing a stroller, or just doing a brisk walk around the house. Underwood also likes to cook at home whenever possible, and sticks to a basic, healthy diet, which includes lots of roasted veggies. 

With her dedication to strict physical fitness, Underwood didn’t waste any time getting back to the gym after the birth of her second son. On March 19th, Underwood took to Instagram to talk to her fans about the reality of postpartum life. Underwood admitted that it has been much harder “bouncing back” after Jacob’s birth and that she can’t do the things in the gym that she used to do. The mother-of-two said that while she gets frustrated with her inability to do everything exactly like how she did before the second baby, she is going to work harder to redirect her focus to the incredible things her body can do, rather than what it can’t. Underwood summarized by saying that she’s going to continue to work out because she loves her body and the blessings that it has given her.

Fans loved Underwood’s honesty

This message of body positivity immediately went viral, with fans praising her honesty and vulnerability. Although many celebrities like to share the beautiful and picture-perfect parts of parenthood, very few of them share personal moments like Underwood did. While Underwood’s life overall might look very different from that of most of her followers, the struggle of not feeling completely like yourself after having a baby is a message that surely hits home with thousands of women worldwide. As Underwood continues her journey of parenting her two boys, her fans will be along for the ride now more than ever.