Why Is Ellen DeGeneres Taking Credit for Jennifer Lopez’s and Alex Rodriguez’s Engagement?

In case you were not aware yet, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are finally engaged. Fans on both sides of the aisle are excited that these two have decided to move forward with their relationship. After a couple of years of blended family outings, romantic getaways, and lavish vacations, J-Lo and A-Rod shared the news on Instagram.

The news came only about a month after a memorable appearance on The Ellen Show. Ellen DeGeneres was teasing Lopez about her relationship, saying that Rodriguez texted her about his future proposal plans. Although J-Lo blew off the teasing, she did not confirm either way if it was true.

Now that the couple has made it official, at least by Instagram rules, we can’t help but wonder how much Ellen had to do with it. 

Is Ellen DeGeneres Really taking credit for Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod’s engagement?

On a recent episode of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres told Jennifer Lopez that Alex Rodriguez sent her a text saying ” [Alex] said that Y’all were going to be getting married.” The audience loved it. J-Lo also seemed to think it was funny, but she mostly played it off.

“He did not say that,” Lopez replied. “He did not say that.” 

“He did. He texted me earlier today,” claimed DeGeneres. “So you’ll be getting married?”

“I don’t know,” Lopez said, trying to fight off the rumors.

Part of the reason people started to speculate about upcoming nuptials was J-Lo’s lack of denial. After all, if that part of the interview was really all in jest, then why not say so. That might be why Ellen DeGeneres is taking credit for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s engagement.

Then again it might just be part of DeGeneres’s humor. She loves to joke around with her guests and friends on and off the show.

A-Rod’s reminder that time was ticking

During the interview, Ellen hilariously gifted Lopez with an oversized personalized clock. It was a belated anniversary gift to celebrate their two years together. The purpose was to remind A-Rod that time was running out

She also made a funny suggestion for which dress J-Lo should wear to the Oscars. It was a beautiful puffy orange masterpiece, with a 100-foot train. With dress and relationship advice like this, we wonder how Ellen might do as Maid of Honor. 

J-Lo tagged Ellen in her Instagram engagement announcement

When J-Lo tagged DeGeneres in her Instagram engagement photo, social media took notice. This caused people to further speculate about whether A-Rod had help from Ellen. 

After all, this is not Lopez’s first engagement and she did not deny the possibility that they would be engaged soon on the show, and now she is tagging Ellen in the post. Was this her way of giving credit to DeGeneres. 

Ellen has been a long time friend to both of them so, it is not out of the bounds of reality that he might text her about his plans. Another scenario is that the interview was part of the PR leading up to the engagement announcement. Then again, it might just be that Ellen is psychic. She may have seen the entire thing play out already.

Will Ellen be Jennifer Lopez’s maid of honor?

While it might be too soon to speculate about who will be part of the wedding party, we are secretly rooting for DeGeneres. If she did have something to do with the engagement or proposal, making her the Maid of Honor might be a great way to say thank you.

According to ET, Ellen has already thrown her name in the ring for this coveted position.