Why Is Farrah Abraham Feuding With Ashley Jones From ‘Young and Pregnant’?

Farrah Abraham has come a long way since her 16 and Pregnant days. Since starring in Teen Mom OG, she quickly became known for her polarizing personality that some fans loved and others hated — and we’ll never forget when she was let go from the show for allegedly being too difficult to work with. Even her co-stars have had ongoing issues with Farrah and weren’t too sad to see her go.

While Farrah’s far removed from Teen Mom and now pursuing other ventures, it seems she still can’t avoid drama with other reality TV stars. She recently feuded with Ashley Jones from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Here’s what happened.

Ashley and Farrah were seen partying together and having fun at an event

When Ashley and Farrah were seen together in public, it appeared as if they were getting along great — so fans were shocked when a feud erupted between the two of them. In Touch Weekly reports they first met at a Los Angeles party put on by FabFitFun for the holiday season. Ashley shared a video of her and Farrah dancing together on her Twitter, so fans assumed the two were getting on famously. Unfortunately, it all ended in drama as quickly as it began. While we’re unsure exactly what went down, the publication noted Farrah may have spoken badly about Ashley and claimed the mother became pregnant just to be on TV.

Even when the drama started, a fan asked Ashley, “I thought you liked Farrah?” Ashley was quick to respond to that, however. “Honestly I really did. We was [sic] sooo sweet at the party,” she answered.

Ashley slammed Farrah on social media afterward

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After Ashley caught wind that Farrah was speaking badly of her, it didn’t take her long to publicly slam Farrah. In Touch Weekly notes on Jan. 1, Ashley released a tweet directed at the Teen Mom OG star that started with, “I’m gonna say this one time, and that’s it no one wants to be you. The s*** you paid for GOD gave me. … not my fault your celebrity is D list and your invited to the same common parties as a first year mom #HAPPYNEWYEAR.”

Ashley didn’t stop there, either. She continued to slam Farrah on Twitter with, “I mean I guess you can say someone got pregnant to be on TV. … Glass house my dear. You were so kind and fun at the party. I’m not sure what switched.”

Farrah claims Ashley should really be thanking her

Farrah may have been across the world in Singapore, but that didn’t stop the famous mom from biting back. On Starcasm’s Instagram post that outlined the feud, she posted her own response to Ashley’s messages. “Sorry I’m not friends with the super fans who get pregnant to be on tv,” her comment started. “I didn’t know who this chick was & clearly she needed to use me to get press so bored of this trash , jealously, THANK YOU NEXT that’s so 2018 bye.”

After that, it was an all-out war. Ashley also took to the same Instagram post to comment with her own reply. “@farrah__abraham you’re people reached out to me for press . I don’t need to USE you honey . I was invited way before I knew you would be in attendance . And jealous of what ??” she began.

Aside from the controversial Instagram comments, Farrah told an In Touch exclusive that Ashely was purposely using their nightclub footage to create drama out of nothing. “I do not know this person, she asked my PR contact to take videos and pictures with me as she’s a Teen Mom fan,” Farrah said. To add insult to injury, she then added, “I don’t know this girl nor do I watch girls who purposely get pregnant to be on TV. They should all thank me for paving a way so Teen Moms can lead better lives.” Ouch.

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