Why Is Farrah Abraham From ‘Teen Mom’ Boxing Another Reality Star?

Though she may no longer be taking part in the beloved MTV franchise, Teen Mom fans are well-aware of who Farrah Abraham is. From her family drama to her fights with the other moms to how she parents her daughter, the spotlight’s been on Farrah since back in her 16 and Pregnant days. And now, she’s making waves once again with a boxing match against another reality TV star we haven’t seen in awhile.

Who is Farrah boxing, why are they duking it out, and where can you see it all go down? Here are the details.

Farrah is boxing for charity

Farrah Abraham preparing for a boxing match
Farrah Abraham preparing for a boxing match | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

Farrah’s strong (and polarizing) presence on Teen Mom has many wondering what her next big move is — and it seems the answer is giving back. While she doesn’t participate in too many high-profile charity events, Perez Hilton reports she recently landed a deal to participate in a Celebrity Boxing Match. The matches are put on by Damon Feldman, a professional boxer who’s allegedly undefeated in the ring and who also, in his words, gives celebrities their “16th minute” of fame by featuring them in his events, says Medium.

“Because I have my own niche where I have created a way for people who want to be famous, or people who were famous, to get a chance to get famous again and get more business by stepping into the 16 minute platform ring!” Feldman says. And now, Farrah is using her social status to raise awareness for bullying with her boxing match.

Who is her opponent, Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander?

Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander
Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander preparing for a boxing match against Farrah Abraham | Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander via Instagram

If you loved reality TV back in the early 2000s, then you certainly remember Flavor of Love. This show featured women from all walks of life who hoped to seal a date with Flavor Flav, a rapper from hip-hop group Public Enemy. Back in 2006, Nicole Alexander (dubbed “Hoopz” on the show) won Flavor Flav’s affection on the first season, Newsweek reports. Though their relationship didn’t last, she certainly stood as a fan favorite as well.

Now, Hoopz is 35 and a little wiser than she was at 23. She’s acted, modeled, and continues to play basketball, which is how she first got her nickname. And since Flavor Flav, she’s dated Shaquille O’Neal and has appeared in a music video by Will Smith. She continues to stay in shape, too — and many are assuming she’ll be an ultra-tough opponent for Farrah to beat.

Farrah and Hoopz are both prepping for the fight

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham prepping for a boxing match | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

Though it’s all for charity, Farrah and Hoopz aren’t taking this boxing match lightly. Hoopz has posted video footage on Instagram of her prepping for the fight with tons of training — and she’s never looked stronger.

Farrah doesn’t seem too intimidated, though. In another video posted by Hoopz, Farrah commented that she’s “Floyd Mayweather and she’s McGregor and I’m going to just take her out worse than McGregor got taken out.” To this, Hoopz simply laughed and added additional footage of Mike Tyson.

Farrah isn’t slouching either, however. She’s also posted photos of her prepping for the big fight all suited up in the proper gear. “I have muscles sore I never even knew I had,” she said. In another promo video for the event, she also looks like she’s been prepping for the event. “I am great, I am strong, I am unstoppable,” she says in the video.

Where and when is the event?

The event will take place on Nov. 10 at the Showboat Atlantic City Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. General admission tickets are $45 and red carpet VIP tickets are $75. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. and doors open at 6:45 p.m. You’ll want to stay for all the fun and festivities at the after party, too.

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