Why Is Jameela Jamil a New Model for Aerie?

Jameela Jamila attends pre-SAG party 2019.
Jameela Jamil | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

American Eagle’s Aerie brand recently welcomed new models to their latest campaign and they’re all-around impressive. Joining the #AerieREAL Role Model family for Spring ’19 are actresses Jameela Jamil, Busy Philipps, and Samira Wiley, as well as gold medal para snowboarder Brenna Huckaby, and creator Molly Burke. Jameela Jamil might not be a household name yet, but The Good Place star is definitely starting to make headlines for all the right reasons.

Jamil has been applauded for keeping it real

With social media, it’s hard to cut through the BS sometimes, but Jamil is handily doing just that — namely, calling out celebrities who promote detoxes and weight loss teas. The actress has made it her mission to share with fans exactly why these kinds of weight loss fixes can be damaging and instead celebrates body positivity.

Her refreshing and real outlook is exactly what Aerie is promoting, so it’s a match made in heaven.

What is AerieREAL Role Models?

Back in 2014, the brand launched AerieReal, using models of all different body types and putting an end to retouching models in their campaigns as well.

The company continued to execute that real take, as Jennifer Foyle, Aerie’s Global Brand President, explained the importance of the mission in a 2016 press release. Foyle noted at the time: “#AerieREAL celebrates real beauty, inside and out. It’s a message that resonates with our girls, and we’re so excited to give them a new way to join the movement with the Share Your Spark campaign.”

Jamil joins the Aerie Role Models

Given that vision, it’s only fitting that Jamil joins the AerieREAL Role Model team for the brand.

A press release explained the new lineup of models, noting that the brand is “continuing to accelerate the growth of the lifestyle brand and strengthening its commitment to body positivity.”

Foyle shared in the release: “The #AerieREAL Role Models are a source of inspiration for our customers and women around the world. These amazing Role Models embrace the Aerie lifestyle and were chosen for their influential voices, unique stories and commitment to nurturing an inclusive, empowering community for Aerie women everywhere.”

Jamil shares her perspective

Jamil is up for the modeling gig, as she said in a statement: “I am here to wake everyone up the way I had to be woken up. I just want to stop people from feeling the way that I once felt by being beaten up by imagery and messaging that wasn’t real and wasn’t demonstrative of what the real world is. I am here to make change and be surrounded by people and brands who are willing to take risks and push boundaries. ”

The actress continues to make a difference with her empowering I Weigh Instagram account, which she describes as a “movement for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are beyond the flesh on our bones.” Her followers celebrate all of the characteristics and accomplishments rather than letting a number on a scale define them.