Why is Jenelle Evans Feuding With her Own Mother, Again?

Jenelle Evans doesn’t shy away from a good feud. Over the years, fans have watched her battle with everyone from her costars to her baby daddies. Now, however, she is taking serious aim at her mother. This isn’t the first time that the younger Evans has created a problem with her mother, Barbara, and it likely won’t be the last. Jenelle, however, insists that her relationship with Barbara is officially done!

Why is Jenelle battling with Barbara?

Barbara Evans was awarded temporary custody of Ensley,2, while David and Jenelle attempt to work out their personal problems. While the 67-year-old grandmother took on the toddler in addition to Jenelle’s oldest child, Jace, Jenelle isn’t at all grateful.

In fact, it seems the mother of three is angry with Barbara for not doing more. Speaking to Us Magazine, the troubled reality TV star alleges that Barbara has never fought for her, and instead has focused on her brother and sister. Jenelle went on to claim that she’s not the troubled one in the family.

The sibling rivalry is intense in the Evans household

Jenelle has publicly battled with both of her siblings. Colin, the oldest of the bunch, was allegedly troubled from a young age. Evans wrote that Colin started a fire in the family home as a young boy and was subsequently sent to a therapeutic boarding school, in her memoir. Colin, now 30, has made several troubling Facebook posts in recent years, but it seems his younger sister tends to be his biggest problem. The pair allegedly don’t speak; however, Colin does live with Barbara and Jenelle’s young son.

Jenelle has also publicly disparaged her sister, Ashleigh. Back in 2018, Barbara Evans helped Ashleigh purchase a home. The mother of two had recently lost custody of her youngest child, Atlas, when she signed on the house. The custody battle between Ashleigh and the father of her child is well documented, and Barbara has come to her defense multiple times.

While Barbara has stuck up for her other two children, she’s also been a champion for Jenelle. It was just a few months ago that the Teen Mom grandmother took to the reunion stage to defend Jenelle. During the taping, she alleged Jenelle’s castmates had purposefully and systematically ostracized her.

Barbara isn’t the only person Jenelle has a problem with

While Evans is happily speaking to the media about her feud with Barbara, she isn’t the only one who has ruffled Jenelle’s feathers. Evans is apparently also battling with Nathan Griffith. Griffith is the father of Evans’ 4-year-old son, Kaiser. Griffith was awarded temporary custody of the boy shortly before Ensley was handed over to Barbara.

Griffith has, allegedly, been trying to reach out to Evans in the wake of the custody battle, but she isn’t trusting his intentions. Evans supposedly believes anything Griffith is doing is to strengthen his own case. The former couple has been embroiled in a custody battle for about a year.