Why Is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Unborn Baby Already Pretty Big?

With the new royal baby scheduled to arrive soon, it’s no wonder the entire world is beyond excited! There is speculation about everything, including whether Meghan and Harry will have a boy or a girl, what they will name the baby, and the birth weight of the new arrival.

Meghan almost always has her baby bump on full display, which has led to even more speculation regarding the size of the unborn baby. Even Prince Harry admitted there is quite a big child in there! So, is Meghan and Harry’s unborn baby already pretty big?

What could be making Meghan’s baby bump look even bigger?

Over the past few months, many royal betters, well-wishers, and fans around the world have been quite vocal about the fact they feel perhaps there is more than one new little royal on the way. While this hasn’t been ruled out completely, let’s look at the facts before we jump to conclusions.

Harry is quite tall at 6’1”, and Meghan’s height of 5’7” is above average. This can mean the new baby (given there is only one) is on the bigger side. It could also be because Meghan doesn’t hesitate to show off her baby bump! She always undoes her coat and wears form-fitting dresses. And, as we all know, the camera adds a few pounds as well!

Is Meghan having twins?

You never know! The royal family is full of surprises, and it very well may be that they are keeping this one under wraps. While we don’t want to get our hopes up just yet, how amazing would it be to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex emerge from the hospital with not one, but two new babies? Fans would go wild, and the royal family members would all be simply delighted! And, after all, Meghan is absolutely glowing and practically bursting with joy, so maybe she is keeping a pretty big secret!

A big bump doesn’t necessarily mean twins

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | James Whatling/Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

It’s important to keep in mind that a nine-month pregnancy is a long time. During those months, people tend to imagine every scenario possible. They go back and forth as to whether they feel the baby is a boy or a girl, they say Meghan is due even sooner than she has said she is, and they anticipate the possibility of multiple babies. While twins would be wonderful for Meghan and Harry, considering how great they are with kids, odds are, Meghan is only having one baby

How would Queen Elizabeth feel about twins?

There is absolutely no doubt that Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, would be over the moon should Meghan and Harry welcome twins! She already dotes on all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, so while Meghan and Harry may have only been planning one baby, there is more than enough love to give to two! The Queen would be enthusiastic about her growing family and would be more than open to the idea of more than one baby.

Is it possible that Meghan and Harry are keeping a secret from everyone?

Oh, yes! There is no royal rule that dictates that expectant parents have to reveal they are having more than one baby. There is always the possibility that Meghan and Harry not only want to surprise the world, but they also want to surprise both of their families! Perhaps it is, in fact, twins, and Meghan and Harry have chosen not to tell anyone just yet. Imagine the wonderful shock the royal family will have if they find out Meghan has given birth to not one, but two new children!