Why Is Meghan Markle Breaking This Royal Tradition When Baby Sussex Arrives

Royal baby photo calls have been a major part of British tradition going back to Princess Diana. However, some might consider the practice more than ancient with the expectation of royal women looking perfect hours after giving birth. While all the prior royal women have done this with aplomb (especially Kate Middleton), it’s more than a bit unreasonable for Meghan Markle to do this after promoting women’s issues.

Will Meghan and Harry have a photo call after Baby Sussex arrives?

No doubt Meghan will look great after giving birth to Baby Sussex, but she is reportedly nixing the photo call tradition. According to Emily Andrews, the royal correspondent for The Sun, Meghan will not be posing after giving birth. Andrews, citing Buckingham Palace, says the couple wants to spend time with Baby Sussex before engaging in a photo-op. Instead of a photo call outside of the hospital, the couple will reportedly have a photo-op once they return home.

Will Meghan and Harry share the first baby pics on Instagram?

Meghan may share baby pics in a more digital fashion. Instead of releasing photos via PR or having a photo call, many are speculating she’ll post the photos on the new Instagram account recently opened by her and Harry. Doing so also helps bring more control to the situation so they capture pictures in the right moment. With Meghan already wanting to set new precedents on social media, the reactions by royal purists may not be forgiving.

Will these changes spur more nicknames for Meghan Markle?

Recently, we wrote about all the horrible nicknames Meghan has been enduring lately from royal insiders. Some of these are more than a little insulting, including having possible racial connotations. Considering Meghan may stir the pot even more doing her own thing once Baby Sussex arrives, you have to wonder if her courtiers will be inventing even more nicknames for changing the baby photo call plan.

They may change their tune when they see how effective it becomes when posted on Instagram under the couple’s own direction. Or will nitpickers accuse Meghan of orchestrating the pictures without official photographers?

It’s worth envisioning what these photos would look like on Instagram and whether it’ll allow Meghan to connect with followers personally.

Does posting Baby Sussex on Instagram offer more protection?

Harry and Meghan recently hired Sara Latham as their new PR fixer: no doubt the royals were given the advice to control their own image. Allowing outside photographers to capture Meghan at the hospital post-birth could become a risk since the images could be used in ways they don’t want. As a result, Instagram is really their safe haven, especially for the royal baby who’s inevitably going to become an intended target of unsolicited photographers.

No doubt Harry and Meghan will allow the British media to photograph Baby Sussex officially later. However, expect to see the first photos on their Instagram account from only people they trust. It may even have to come from Harry himself to avoid insider moles.

Having these photos on Instagram may allow Meghan an excuse to finally break one royal protocol: Comment personally to people on her account. It’s then when she’d ultimately become the people’s duchess, along with her new child.