Why Is Meghan McCain Grateful for President Trump?

Meghan McCain is the outspoken conservative commentator on The View, well known for her tendency to get into verbal altercations with fellow host Joy Behar. McCain pulls no punches and is a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump, not hesitating to call him out over policy decisions or personal conduct that she takes issue with.

Recently, McCain made headlines for her very surprising statements about Trump — statements that seem to directly contradict her previous statements about the president.

Meghan McCain’s family has a complicated history with President Trump

It’s no secret that McCain’s father, the late Senator John McCain, wasn’t exactly close friends with President Trump. Many times, John McCain would express viewpoints that were the exact opposite of Trump’s, even though they both belonged to the Republican political party. Many times, it seemed to get personal, with McCain calling out Trump for certain actions that he found distasteful. For his part, Trump took many jabs at McCain, and seemingly took issue with his war hero status, saying that he liked people “who weren’t captured.”

Even though John McCain was diagnosed with a terminal illness and passed away in late 2018, Trump clearly still has some lingering bad blood toward the late senator. Frequently over the past several months, Trump has referenced John McCain, and how he “was never a fan” of the Arizona senator. Needless to say, the president’s comments about Meghan McCain’s late father haven’t been sitting well with her, and she’s used her platform on The View to let the entire Trump family know how she feels about them.

In March 2019, McCain slammed Trump for his repeated attacks on her father, saying that Trump spends all of his time obsessing over the actions of great men because he will never be a great man, unlike her father. McCain drew a lot of ire from conservative commentators over her comments, but she refused to apologize or back down from her statements. On another episode of the show, McCain spoke out to thank all of her family’s supporters and told viewers not to feel sorry for her or her family. Instead, she told fans to feel bad for people without familial support, like disabled veterans and victims of cyberbullying.

What did Meghan McCain say about Donald Trump?

A new book about The View, called Ladies Who Punch, was recently released and includes many insightful interviews from McCain and her fellow hosts. McCain spoke out about President Trump, saying that contrary to popular opinion, she’s actually grateful to him in an odd way: She believes that if he wasn’t the sitting president, she wouldn’t have experienced the success on The View that she has. 

She went on to say that he’s made her job a little bit easier, but in spite of that, she doesn’t think that his presidency specifically has contributed to The View’s high ratings. She believes that more viewers are drawn to the show because more and more young people, especially young women, are getting involved in politics. She also attributed the rise of young people getting politically active to Trump’s presidency. 

Will Meghan McCain’s attitude toward Donald Trump change?

Meghan McCain is currently the most outspoken conservative on The View, and with a brand-new election year fast approaching, there’s no telling what showdowns and controversies could spring up on the popular daytime talk show. It’s unlikely that either McCain or President Trump will back down from their long-standing feud — but at least viewers will be able to follow along with all the latest updates when new episodes of The View air daily.