Why Is Teddi Mellencamp From ‘RHOBH’ Documenting Her Pregnancy on Instagram?

As an accountability coach, Teddi Mellencamp from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is all about taking fans along on her journey.

When she embarked upon her weight loss endeavor, she created an Instagram account to allow anyone to follow and track her progress. As a result, All In by Teddi was born. She’s also been an open book about the number of disputes she’s had during the explosive last season of the show too.

Teddi Mellencamp
Teddi Mellencamp | John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

She has once again turned to social media to allow fans to follow her during her pregnancy. She’s only 15 weeks into her third pregnancy and shared with followers on Instagram about why she plans to document and share this journey.

This is her first ‘healthy’ pregnancy

Mellencamp shared that this is the first time she’s been healthy during her pregnancy. “For my third pregnancy I decided to document my journey as this will be my first as ‘healthy and fit.’ For me, that means I am continuing to listen to my body while eating what my baby needs and getting in daily activity.”

She’s early into her second trimester and shared photo progression of her pregnancy along with her post.  “I’m at 15 weeks and could not be more grateful for this blessing,” she wrote. “My pregnancies with both Slate and Cruz were much different than this one— there were hormones, blood thinners, steroids and lots of temporary bed rests to avoid another miscarriage.”

 She admits bedrest meant that she developed poor eating habits during her previous pregnancies. “Needless to say I wasn’t allowed to be active and I turned to things like bacon, egg and cheese biscuits and cinnamon rolls to comfort me (I swear the McDonald’s drive-thru knew my order by heart). I call them comfort foods, but they did anything but comfort me. Instead, they led me to a warning for my doc about health risks.”

She turned her health around after her second pregnancy

Mellencamp told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she ultimately gained a lot of weight after her children were born. “I put on a ton of weight,” she said. But, “I wasn’t doing much about it and I got kind of depressed and really down on myself. And I got to a place where I was a really good mom, but after I’d put the kids to bed I just felt bad.”

She got to her breaking point after seeing a photo of herself. “I remember looking at this picture, and it was such a cute picture of all our little kids together,” she recalls. “And I just looked at myself and said there was absolutely no way I could ever show this picture to my husband or anyone I know.”

Mellencamp wrote this time would be different. “As most of you know, I didn’t @goallinbyteddi until Cruz was about 10 months old, after time and time again not being comfortable in my skin,” she continued in her Instagram post. “And now there’s no looking back. I may only be 15 weeks in without an idea where the rest of this journey will take me, but I am beyond thankful for another day to wake up with a healthy baby in my belly and a healthy mommy who knows she’s doing what’s best for both of us. See you next trimester!”