Why is Vicki Gunvalson from ‘RHOC’ in the Hospital Again?

Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Lodge | Vicki Gunvalson Instagram

Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County is no stranger to hospitals. Gunvalson recently went under the knife for her “final” round of plastic surgery. Plus she’s made a series of visits to hospitals. Many of those trips occurred during one of the show’s infamous girls’ vacations. Why was she hospitalized in the past? And is the most recent trip serious?

She’s had a lot of plastic surgery

Gunvalson’s face seemed to change through the years and the reality star admits to getting a little cosmetic surgery happy. “I had a lot of fillers in my face and I didn’t feel like it was me anymore,” she said. “I had too many doctors, too many different times say ‘let’s do this, let’s do that, let’s fill here, let’s do Voluma, let’s do Sculptra,’ and by the time I was done I looked in the mirror and was like COMMA ‘I don’t even look like myself.’”

After her last cosmetic surgery, she woke up and dropped the funniest comment to her boyfriend Steve Lodge. “Do you love me? … Am I pretty?” she asked. Then she followed that up with “I have no panties on right now.”

Plus a few health scares

In addition to getting into a horrific ATV accident on a girls’ trip, Gunvalson has had her share of scary hospital trips on other getaways. Gunvalson went to the hospital in Iceland when her blood pressure rose.  However, Gunvalson said the incident didn’t compare to the ATV accident. “I was really injured in that ATV accident for a long time afterward. I’m good now,” she told Bravo. “But this wasn’t an injury. I’ve had some blood pressure issues.”

Then, she became ill during dinner while in Jamaica, Radar Online reports.  Gunvalson was suddenly sweating excessively and foaming at the mouth. The ladies reacted swiftly, with cast member Tamra Judge offering her water (then pouring it over her head). “I don’t feel right,” Gunvalson said as she tried to grapple with the situation. “I don’t know what’s happening!”

And now she’s back in the hospital

Gunvalson posted to Instagram. “Having a blockage cleared from my inner ear caused by the cholesteatoma. I hope to be back at the office this afternoon. Glad I have my driver @stevelodge_oc with me.” Cholesteatoma is a non-cancerous skin cyst in your middle ear, behind the eardrum, Healthline reports. If the cyst grows it can put pressure in the ear, which includes aching or even pain. Some patients may experience hearing loss.

Complications can lead to facial weakness or even meningitis and a brain abscess.  “I totally forgot to tell Dr. Ambe [plastic surgeon] about my previous head/ear surgeries,” she blogged. “I had a cochlear implant inserted in my inner right ear when I was in my mid 30’s, which has allowed me to hear now as prior to that I was deaf in that ear,” she added. “It’s a very rare disease, and I’ve been fortunate to have incredible physicians throughout my life and can now hear about 60%, which is a miracle.”

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