Why It Was a Perfect Time For Chris Evans to Retire as Captain America

As iconic as the Chris Evans version of Captain America/Steve Rogers has become, there’s only so much that can be continued about a classic superhero character. It’s safe to say other superheroes arguably stayed a little too long at the cinematic fair if you include Superman. Maybe Batman is a different story since there’s constant turnover in who plays Bruce Wayne.

In the case of Evans, Marvel was already fortunate to have such a good actor take on the role of Steve Rogers. Evans already fit the bill as an all-American type with indie film pedigree to provide some acting grit.

His ending in Avengers: Endgame might have seemed a little too soon. Though, there are several good reasons to believe this was the right time for Evans to step down from the role.

Chris Evans himself says that Steve Rogers’ story came to a natural conclusion

MCU star Chris Evans
MCU star Chris Evans | Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

Some characters are just meant to have a specific arc that takes them from Point A to B within a certain span of movies or TV shows. Writers may or may not plot this out in advance, though the trajectory of Steve Rogers was one that arguably lasted longer than what was expected.

Fans are so adamant in wanting “old” Steve Rogers to cameo in something — namely Disney+’s upcoming The Falcon and Winter Soldier — that critics are thinking he’ll show up anyway in latter series next year. Evans himself recently said he wouldn’t be showing up in the series and felt Cap had a perfect conclusion rather than wearing out his welcome.

Outside of the notion maybe Evans is keeping a future cameo quiet, everyone should take it seriously about him being done with the role for a long while. Why ruin a good thing when the ending of seeing old Steve Rogers living a peaceful life seemed satisfying after the heavy-duty work he put in as Captain America?

On the other hand, there’s still a lot of potentially interesting stories to explore about what Steve has been doing during the time the MCU movies were underway.

Fan say Chris Evans hasn’t ruled out a return, though

It’s funny how critics seem to force Evans into saying he’s not done with Captain America when he keeps making it clear he is. Although he hasn’t denied maybe everyone will see him return someday. The only stipulation, he says, is if there’s something necessary and perfect that wouldn’t screw up the “stuck landing” of the recent ending.

After all, the shot of old Steve looking off into the distance on a park bench has become a popular part of pop culture and ubiquitous meme on social media. Keeping this in memory forever would be one of the greatest sendoffs for a superhero in movie history.

No other superhero has ever had such a great finale other than Robert Downey, Jr.’s Tony Stark in his dramatic death scene. Even with the latter, audiences are getting a bit of anticlimactic flashback appearances in upcoming Black Widow and in the animated Disney+ series What If…?.

There is such a thing as valuing a sense of imagination on the outcomes of certain characters.

Will Chris Evans’ Cap be a long-standing cinematic memory?

Outside of Evans saying he’d never give a hard no to playing the role again, it’s hard to imagine anything would compare to the Avengers: Endgame finale. He’s right in many ways, including letting any speculation about whether old Steve Rogers observed events from the MCU movie timeline be relegated to personal opinion or fan-fiction.

Let’s never belittle the value of mystery when it comes to explaining backstories or other plot points in movies. Captain America was already a myth in thanks to being frozen in ice and becoming a bigger superhero in the 21st century. Upholding the Evans version with what’s been already done would be better for cinematic lore.

If he ever does decide to return, it could also prove detrimental if he’s too old to play a young Captain America. Then again, seeing an old Steve putting on his suit again would be more than a little intriguing if done in short form.