Why It’s Actually the Perfect Time For Kourtney Kardashian to Bow Out of the Spotlight

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has graced American pop culture for the last 13 years. And while we’ve watched Kim and Khloé navigate their young adult lives on screen, Kourtney seems to be tired of it all.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians tends to focus more on Kourtney’s sisters and the Jenner side of the family. And maybe that’s best for Kourtney. As the oldest of the Kardashian sisters, it looks like Kourtney may want her 40s to be TV-free.

Tension between Kim and Kourtney reached a boiling point recently (or, at least, they appeared to) as Kourtney refused to allow certain aspects of her life on camera.

The Kim-Kourtney Kardashian conflict

Kourtney Kardashian on the red carpet
Kourtney Kardashian | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

While Kim certainly understands the struggle of balancing personal and professional/public life, the fact remains that KUWTK contracts require the Kardashian women to give up some amount of privacy.

Kourtney has spent the last year maintaining her Poosh lifestyle brand and company, and it makes sense that she’s not willing to do all her business on-camera. But Kim has a point that the show needs footage and Kourtney did agree to participate.

The solution that makes the most sense is for Kourtney to simply stop participating in the Kardashian media circus. It’s apparent that she no longer wants her personal and business life on screen, and she has a right to privacy.

At the same time, KUWTK showrunners need to know she’s stepping back so future seasons can be produced without her participation.

Kim’s right that it’s not fair for the show to rely on Kourtney if she’s not going to deliver, but Kourtney also has a point about the show reaching too far into her private life.

Kourtney’s future away from KUWTK

Over 17 seasons of KUWTK, Kourtney dutifully accepted the conditions of the show and made her private life public. Season after season of her conflict and split with Scott Disick were pop culture water-cooler talk for years. If she wants to keep part of her life private, she has every right to do so going forward.

The KUWTK contracts aren’t public information and fans don’t know exactly what Kourtney agreed to share with the show. But if Kim is right that she’s not participating to the extent she agreed to, then perhaps it’s time for Kourtney to move on.

Most importantly, Kourtney doesn’t need KUWTK. Her presence on the show clearly isn’t making her or the rest of the family happy. Kourtney turned 40 last year and it’s time for her to enjoy her career for herself. Like the rest of the Kardashian family, Kourtney owes a good amount of her fame to the huge TV show.

But that doesn’t mean she needs to stay there. “Bowing out of the spotlight” doesn’t necessarily mean that Kourtney can’t keep her social media profile strong. But it’s more clear every season that she’s not cut out for KUWTK.

How new seasons of ‘KUWTK’ will survive without Kourtney

Keeping up with the Kardashians isn’t just a TV show title, it’s a way of life. And maybe it’s not for Kourtney anymore.

She’s shared some of the most intimate moments of her life on camera and it’s not fair for Kim to single her out the way she did.

But the Kardashians (and the Jenners) are businesswomen and they always keep an eye on the bottom line. If Kourtney stepped off the show, she’d certainly be happier. And despite all the money and fame, sometimes it’s only happiness that matters.

Kourtney has enough on her plate to occupy her day and it’s time for her to focus on it.