Why It’s So Important for Prince Harry and Prince William to Repair Their Relationship

Prince Harry and Prince William feud rumors might have simmered for now, but one royal expert believes it’s more important than ever for the brothers to mend any rift they have and repair their relationship.

prince william prince harry repair relationship
Prince William and Prince Harry | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

The brothers have a close bond

Prince Harry and Prince William share a bond of brothers, but they have a deeper closeness through their shared tragedy of the death of their mother, Princess Diana, in 1997.

Prince Harry explained during an interview with ITV before he and Meghan Markle were married that living in the spotlight and being constantly criticized is something that only his brother truly understands.

He noted at the time: “Time after time it upsets me, but nobody will understand that other than my brother and myself.” 

Prince Harry and Prince William “try to be normal”

Prince Harry further explained that the loss of their mother brought them even closer, noting: “He and I are very close obviously because of our mother. But we both get the same kind of hassle, different times, different things, you know.”

He added: “It’s hard. We’ve got friends of ours and we’ve got the British public saying ‘good on them they’re being normal. And then you’ve got the British media saying ‘oh, but they can’t be normal’ or ‘this isn’t normal, it’s completely outrageous,’ that sort of thing.”

Prince Harry further remarked that he and Prince William “try to be normal,” however, he shared, “it’s very difficult, but we are who we are. I’m coming to the age now where I can make the most of that.” 

Why it’s important that they truly mend their relationship

As Prince Harry and Markle continue to face criticisms from the media and public, it’s increasingly important that Harry has his brother to help him navigate royal life, according to royal expert Angela Mollard.

During the Royals podcast that aired in July, she shared: “I think I’m being realistic in saying it’s hard enough for ordinary people to sustain marriages. In the public eye, as [Harry and Meghan] are, and under such intense scrutiny — I really, really hope that they have the ballast and the support there.”

She added: “If Harry does have any sense, he will rely on William and that relationship will be repaired going forward. He does have tremendous wisdom as a brother, so fingers crossed.” 

What Prince Harry can learn from his brother

Mollard further believes that Prince Harry and Markle can learn something about preserving their family’s privacy from the way that Prince William and Kate Middleton have maintained boundaries for their children.

Mollard noted: “Archie is going to have attention, in the same way that the Cambridge children have attention. I think [Harry and Meghan] should take some advice from Kate and William, they’ve done it really well. Yes, their children are visible but they own that message.”

She continued: “Also, social media has given them the opportunity to disseminate information when and how they want. Now, I think that what’s interesting is that Kate, in producing pictures of her children herself, choosing them, owning and managing that image — I think there’s a lot to be learned from that.”