Why Jennifer Garner’s Kids Think She’s Just ‘So Lame’

Celebrity kids may have plenty of money, but that doesn’t mean they’re allowed to do whatever they want. At least, not Jennifer Garner‘s kids.

The actress considers herself a pretty strict mom, and her kids agree. However, it’s not all torture in the Garner household. Garner’s kids still find a way to make it fun, although her children reportedly insist their mom is “so lame.”

How many kids does Jennifer Garner have?

Jennifer Garner at a red carpet premiere.
Jennifer Garner | Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Garner was married to fellow thespian Ben Affleck for over ten years after meeting on the set of Pearl Harbor. The couple had three children together — 13-year-old Violet, 10-year-old Serafina, and 7-year-old Samuel — before separating in 2015 and divorcing in 2018. Now, Garner and Affleck have joint physical and legal custody of their children. After their divorce, they saw a co-parenting therapist to work through any issues they might have so that co-parenting goes smoothly

Why do Jennifer Garner’s kids think she’s lame?

In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Garner explained what her kids think about her. “I kill all the fun,” she said.

Although, that sounds a little extreme. It’s hard to image Garner as the type of person who kills fun, but she insisted that she does. “I am so lame,” she said. “I say ‘No’ to everything.” 

Apparently, Garner is so strict with her kids that they even have a ferocious nickname for her. “They call me the dragon,” she said. “They have all these names for me.”

But Garner’s kids must not mind her rules too much. At least one of them wants to be the same kind of parent when they grow up. Garner told Fallon that she received a note from one of her kids that read: “When I grow up, I want to be a fun-killing mom, just like you.” Garner also posted the note to Instagram to share with the world. 

Jennifer Garner relaxes the rules on ‘Yes Day’

However, it’s not all rules and fun-killing in Garner’s home. One day a year, they have a “Yes Day” where Garner says ‘”yes” instead of “no” to whatever the kids want to do — within reason, of course.

The only problem? The three kids have a hard time agreeing on what they want to do that day. There are only 24 hours in the day, so there’s a limit to how much can be accomplished on “Yes Day.” But there is one thing the kids all want.

“They have to agree because it’s just one day,” Garner said. “The one thing they can agree on is basically just making an ass out of me.”

Jennifer Garner encourages healthy eating in her kids

Garner has chilled out about motherhood to some extent. She used to try really hard to do everything her own mom did, which included homemade everything but has since learned to let go.

“Here I am making homemade Wheat Thins like a nerd and my kids don’t want them,” she admitted to Katie Couric. 

But that doesn’t mean that she just lets her kids eat junk. She still makes a lot of healthy homemade food, and they grow a garden together.

“We talk about our food,” Garner said. “We grow our food. We talk about what goes into it. They planted it. They water it. They take pictures next to it.”

All the effort that Garner has put into motherhood is paying off, though. According to her, they’re great kids.

“I really can’t complain about my kids,” she said.”They’re pretty awesome. They humor me.”