Why Jennifer Lopez Loves Having the Same Zodiac Sign as Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez is on top of the world lately. In addition to getting ready to travel the world for her tour, she’s celebrating her recent engagement to pro baseball legend Alex Rodriguez. J-Lo has been making the rounds to various radio and TV shows in order to promote her new music, and in the process, has been giving fans more information than ever about her sweet relationship with Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are a perfect match

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Rodriguez and Lopez started dating in early 2017 and quickly became inseparable. They were regularly spotted at each other’s events, providing support and routinely posted to social media, declaring their love for each other. Lopez and Rodriguez were able to bond on several counts: they both have incredibly busy careers, which require a lot of travel and time on the road. They also each have two children from previous relationships.

Even with their nonstop schedules, clearly, Lopez and Rodriguez have the perspective and commitment to make their relationship work. Plus, with both having been married before, they know what it takes to make a high-profile relationship survive and thrive. In early March, Lopez and Rodriguez got engaged while on a luxurious vacation to the Bahamas. Fans were thrilled for them and immediately started guessing about what sort of wedding the pair would have. 

What are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s zodiac signs?

Many couples like to compare their zodiac signs to help predict certain behavior traits and personality attributes, and it seems like Lopez and Rodriguez are no exception. During an April 10th interview with The Breakfast Club radio show, Lopez opened up a bit about her and Rodriguez’s signs, and how they manage to balance their equally powerful personalities.

Both Lopez and Rodriguez were born at the end of July, making them both Leos. Lopez admitted that “it’s hard” from time to time, considering Leos are known for being dominant, creative, passionate, and often quite stubborn. She went on to state that even though they are both alphas, they have a tremendous amount of love and respect for each other, so conflict is at a minimum. J-Lo also claimed that she’s never been in a relationship with someone who works as hard as she does, and that is one of the reasons she respects Rodriguez so much. She went on to clarify that Rodriguez is her strongest supporter, always encouraging her to do her best work in everything that she does. 

When Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez get married?

With her tour set to begin in June, and filming currently taking place for her upcoming movie Hustlers, Lopez won’t have much downtime in the months to come. In the middle of it all, her and Rodriguez still have their wedding to plan.

She admitted recently that she hasn’t spent a lot of time planning the specifics of their wedding just yet. Lopez claims they haven’t even decided if they will get married sometime this year or just push it further down the line when their schedules aren’t quite so busy. One detail that does seem set in stone is the fact that their children will likely be involved in the ceremony in some capacity. The blended family has become very close, and spends a lot of time together — both on vacation and doing everyday tasks, like school pickups and grocery store runs.

No matter when or how Lopez and Rodriguez decide to ultimately tie the knot, fans will undoubtedly be following the headlines closely in order to learn as much as possible about the grand occasion. Hopefully, these two strong Leos will live happily ever after.