Why Jessica Alba Was Hesitant to Return to Acting

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union are currently starring in L.A.’s Finest, a TV series spinoff of the Bad Boys films. You can watch the Sony Pictures TV series on the Spectrum Network.

The show follows Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union), from the Bad Boys franchise, as an LAPD detective who’s trying to leave her past behind. She’s partnered with Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba), a working mom who’s maybe a little jealous of Syd’s fancy-free lifestyle.

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union | Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This will be Jessica Alba’s return to acting after a bit of a hiatus. She’s been focusing on her business, Honest Company, and raising her kids.

Honest Company is a baby and household product company that was founded by Alba and her husband’s childhood friend, Brian Lee, and it’s taken up a lot of the star/entrepreneur’s time in the last several years.

At a recent screening of L.A.’s Finest in Los Angeles, California, Alba spoke out how her husband, Cash Warren, encouraged her to first start Honest Company.  

“He’s constantly pushing me outside of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t have been an entrepreneur. He was my number one champion saying ‘Of course you can. Why them? Why her? Why him? Screw that.’ He went to Yale, he’s like ‘You don’t need that degree. Who cares if you didn’t go to school? All that matters is you’re smart. Embrace that. Do what you want. Surround yourself with people who know stuff you don’t, and know your worth.’ And that’s why I started the Honest Company really. Because I had him as a champion,” she said at the screening.

Why Jessica Alba was hesitant to act in ‘L.A.’s Finest’

Alba went on to speak about her initial hesitation in working on the project. She said, at the time, she was still breastfeeding (a classically hard thing to get done on set), and her body wasn’t feeling totally back to normal yet, having recently given birth–to which Union replied: “Thicc Alba is the best Alba.”

But Union assured her that it would be a totally family-friendly set. Her children would be welcome, and she’d have everything she’d need to breastfeed. Alba said Union more than delivered.

She said it’s important to her to be able to bring her kids to work. She wants them to see their mother working hard, especially in a BA action role.

As for the days she’s too busy filming/working to keep an eye on her kids? Feminist Dad comes to the rescue.     

“My husband is a feminist and he believes women have a real place in the world. We co-create our life. The thing that makes him the most sad and angry is when people are like ‘Oh you’re playing Mr. Mom today.’ He’s like ‘No, I’m just showing up and being a dad.’ He’s part of their life. He takes them to school, he drops them off, he goes to the things when I can’t be at the things,” she said at the screening.