Why Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Are Missing From the New ‘Counting On’ Trailer

It’s that time of year again: Just as fans were wondering what the Duggars were up to, TLC dropped the new trailer for the latest season. Brand new episodes will air starting on Monday, Feb. 11, and we’ll get to see what some of our favorite Duggars, like Jill, Jessa, and Jana have been up to. From unreleased special announcements to weddings, honeymoons, and babies, we can’t wait for updates from the infamous family.

Eagle-eyed fans note that Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard are nowhere to be found in the trailer, however. Here’s why they’re missing and whether we think we’ll ever see them rejoin the cast.

Derick Dillard was fired from TLC for writing offensive tweets

It’s no secret that the Duggars are extremely conservative. And though they certainly preach love and unity over hate, it seems Jill Duggar’s controversial husband, Derick, missed the memo. The couple was regularly on Counting On when the show first began, but once Derick started tweeting hateful messages about queer communities, TLC decided to cut ties.

People notes Derick tweeted about Jazz Jennings, the transgender star of TLC’s I Am Jazz. Not only did he tweet that the show was an “oxymoron” for being a reality series that “follows a non-reality,” but he also tweeted, “Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.” He also called gay designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent a “travesty of a family,” People reports.

Due to his online activity, TLC wanted nothing to do with Derick — and by proxy, Jill was also nixed from the show. The network tweeted a statement in November 2017 that read, “We want to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard has not participated in Counting On for months and the network has no plans to feature him in the future.”

Jill and Derick have been missing from the newer Counting On posters

It seems TLC wasn’t kidding when they said Jill and Derick would no longer be affiliated with the network. People reported in January 2018 that the promotional material at the time was missing the couple — so it shouldn’t be any surprise that there was absolutely no mention of Derick and Jill in the latest trailer for the upcoming season, either. Oddly enough, it seems Derick is still defending his position, as he’s commented on Instagram, “My view is no different than most Americans, but I just mentioned it.”

Fans have also been at odds with Jill and Derick missing from Counting On. In Touch Weekly notes one fan commented to Jill on social media, “The show is NOT the same without you!” And another questioned, “When are you coming back?”

Will they ever be invited back on the show?

Could there be a chance Jill and Derick could return to Counting On? Judging from what TLC tweeted back when the scandal first hit, it seems unlikely. Jill and Derick haven’t necessarily expressed an interest to return to TV, and In Touch Weekly also notes that Derick has said before that TLC never actually fired him. According to him, he and Jill wanted to leave for quite some time, and they finally were able to break free from the network on their own accord. Fans haven’t bought into his story, however.

Either way, they both have strong social media followings and seem to be on to totally new pursuits now. While In Touch Weekly noted Derick was taking odd jobs to pay the bills right after TLC let him go, he’s now attending law school, which will certainly open up new avenues outside of show business. As for Jill, she’s seemingly being the best stay-at-home mom she can be while supporting her husband.

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