Why Jinger Duggar Is the Biggest Rule-Breaker in the Family

There’s no doubt that the Duggar family has strict rules they must follow, and we’ve seen the rules in action since the early days of 19 Kids and Counting. The show chronicled the lives of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, two ultra-conservative parents of their 19 kids. Though the show was cancelled, we now get a chance to see those children all grown up in TLC’s Counting On — and it’s apparent that there’s one family member who’s notorious for being the ultimate rule-breaker in the group.

From dress codes to courting rituals, Jinger Duggar has never let her family’s guidelines stop her from making her own decisions. Here are the rules she’s broken.

Jinger’s never been one to follow the family dress code

The Duggars have never shied from sharing their dress code rules with the public. Due to their religious beliefs, Michelle and Jim Bob required their daughters to wear long skirts or dresses in the household, and pants, shorts, or shorter skirts were absolutely not allowed, Romper notes. Michelle has explained in the past that the ladies should never wear anything that could “[stir] up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled.”

Once Jinger was married, however, all bets were off with the old dress code. She’s posted photos of her in short sleeves, shorts, pants, and short skirts. And during a sex reveal party for her baby, she even wore a very short dress that exposed her knees with heels. The Duggar family rules do state that once the women are married, they have to abide by the rules set forth by their husband, so it seems her partner, Jeremy, is more modern than Michelle and Jim Bob. But even so, we can only imagine what Jinger’s parents were thinking.

She’s given her husband a front hug before they were married

Courting is serious business in the Duggar family. While many modern couples would consider the Duggar courting rituals to be way too over-the-top, Michelle and Jim Bob maintain they’re put in place so neither their daughters or their daughter’s partners will have impure thoughts. Not only do the Duggar ladies need chaperones when they go on dates, but another courting rule that stands firm is that they can only give side hugs to their suitors. Frontal hugs require too much touching.

It seems Jinger didn’t follow this rule when courting her husband, Jeremy, however. Inquisitr notes when Jeremy proposed to Jinger, Michelle hinted that there was a lot of physical contact going on when Jim Bob questioned her about it. “Well, it’s kind of hard to keep two magnets apart,” Michelle told Jim Bob. And when Jim Bob directly asked if there was more than a side huge going on, Michelle answered with, “Well, there were a few moments I think she was totally caught off-guard.”

She has piercings, too

As if the frontal hugging pre-marriage and the clothes weren’t enough, Jinger’s also been sporting some seriously modern body modifications. Fans have noticed Jinger has sported pierced ears since her marriage to Jeremy, In Touch Weekly reports. She’s not the only Duggar with pierced ears, either, as Jessa also has hers done — and we can’t forget that Jill has her nose pierced, which is seriously scandalous.

BabyGaga notes fans have also speculated that Jinger could have a tattoo. Her husband has a tattoo on his arm, and though it’s of a bible verse, we’re sure Michelle and Jim Bob certainly wouldn’t approve. Jeremy also has a wild past but has since been “reborn.” We’re glad Jinger’s accepting of who her husband was before she met him, as this itself shows her maturity and growth as a modern young woman.

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