Why John Legend Calls Kim Kardashian’s Friendship With the White House ‘A Cheap Win’

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are one of the most popular Hollywood couples around. Between Legend’s classic crooning and incredible success (he is an EGOT winner, after all) and Teigen’s domination of the home cooking arena, people can’t get enough of their chemistry, their quips, and their good nature.

Still, Legend has a line in the sand when it comes to political issues and doesn’t hesitate to speak out against what he believes is wrong.

Recently, Legend opened up in a revealing interview, talking about whether or not he is still good friends with Kanye West, his own political beliefs, and why he’s not a fan of Kim Kardashian’s alliance with Donald Trump.

John Legend is openly liberal

John Legend on the red carpet
John Legend | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Both John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, have a history of speaking out about political causes and candidates. Legend has even lent his time and presence to several political documentaries and TV shows about social justice issues. Neither Legend nor Teigen are big fans of President Donald Trump and have been openly critical of him on many occasions.

As it turns out, the two are already looking ahead to the next presidential election. In their tell-all Vanity Fair interview, Legend revealed that he and Teigen already have a pick for the 2020 election. Legend stated that he believes Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren is the “best candidate” and that he likes how she approaches the process with “joy and sincerity.”

Teigen echoed her husband’s sentiments on Warren and said that she also loves Kamala Harris. 

Kim Kardashian has been working with Donald Trump

Another celebrity who routinely makes front-page news is Kim Kardashian. The reality star has been working on her newest passion, criminal justice reform, and in order to make a difference, she has had to cross paths with some political figures that many find controversial — including President Donald Trump.

Kardashian has visited the White House on several occasions to meet with Trump and discuss criminal justice reform and the prison system. 

While Kardashian insists that her work with Trump is for the greater good, there are some who have taken issue with her political alliance. After all, Kardashian supported some liberal political issues prior to her work for justice reform, so her work with Trump did take a few fans by surprise.

There are many fans who fully support her work, and her alliance with Trump, believing that she is making a real difference in the world. 

What does John Legend think about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s political statements?

One of the people who believe that Kardashian’s work with Donald Trump isn’t in the best taste is John Legend. In his Vanity Fair interview, Legend revealed that, if anything, Kardashian’s visits to Trump are a “cheap win” for the president and that he has “celebrity-whore tendencies.”

Even Chrissy Teigen, who is well known as a close friend of the Kardashian family, stated that she would be unable to “physically muster” the smile and handshake that the meeting would require.

Legend also opened up about his friendship with Kanye West, Kardashian’s husband. He said he’s not trying to “disown” West because he’s proud of their creative collaborations, but admitted that they were never “the closest of friends.”

Legend described how he believes that West, who has been a vocal Trump proponent, doesn’t fully understand Trump’s policies, but just likes him because of what he represents. 

However, Legend did reveal that he thinks it is “helpful” if Kardashian’s White House visits do bring some peace to the families that she is representing. Perhaps the two celebrity couples won’t have any bad blood between them after all.