Why John Mayer Is Afraid of Kris Jenner

Amid rumors that singer-songwriter John Mayer is dating Kourtney Kardashian, John had some interesting comments to make about the Kardashian family matriarch, Kris Jenner. During an interview with Andy Cohen, he discussed Kris and her powerful allure over those around her.

While it’s being widely reported that John is scared of Kris, his actual comments denote more respect than fear. Still, he did make it clear that he’d rather avoid Kris’ attention if at all possible. Take a closer look at what he said and why he might be awe-struck (and even a little fearsome) in the face of Kris’ larger-than-life presence.

Why do people think Kourtney Kardashian is dating John Mayer?

Kourtney Kardashian
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Way back in December of 2018, Kourtney and John were seen getting cozy at the GQ’s Men of the Year party. At the time, news reports swirled that sparks were flying, but neither seemed to pursue the connection any further. Still, fans of each couldn’t help but wonder if something might be in the works.

Perhaps it was these rumors that inspired Ellen DeGeneres to make Kourtney play a rigged version of the popular “Who’d You Rather” game on her television show. Kourtney had to first choose between Post Malone and John. She chose John. Ellen went on to pair John up against several other tempting stars including Trevor Noah, Shawn Mendes, and Michael B. Jordan. Kourtney picked John every time. That is until he was paired against Leonardo DiCaprio, and she couldn’t make up her mind!

This playful segment reignited fan theories about the two dating, but John has made it clear that the rumors are not true. He’s even gone so far as to suggest that Kourtney may have started the rumors herself! Meanwhile, Kourtney seems to be happy embracing the single life. She even recently posted a shot of her and several women on the beach at Turks and Caicos with the playful caption “no boys allowed.” 

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What does John Mayer think of Kris Jenner?

With all of this speculation about John’s ties to Kourtney, it makes sense that he would be a little taken aback by Kris. After all, the Kardashian clan is well known for their close-knit connection and sometimes heated family disputes. When talking about Kris, John called her the “Yoda” of serotonin and “ground zero of bliss,” pointing to Jenner’s ability to spread joy everywhere she goes.

He goes on to admit that he is a little afraid of her, though. He notes that he’d rather just stay off her radar because, as he put it, “She could end me.” 

John’s fear of Kris is rooted in her celebrity power, and she clearly has a strong hold over hearts and minds. He may be right to worry that getting on her radar—perhaps by dating one of her children—might put his public image in harm’s way . . . especially if he broke yet another heart like he has gotten a reputation for doing. Even though Kris is known for breaking a heart or two herself, she is still protective of her family. 

Should fans watch out for a Kourtney Kardashian and John Mayer link up?

At this point, it seems like the rumors about John and Kourtney are likely to remain just rumors. Perhaps John is following his own advice and keeping his head down so as not to attract Kris’ attention. Whatever the case, John and Kourtney are both still enjoying the single life at the moment, and it does not look like there is any immediate reason to think John will be getting on Kris’ bad side any time soon.