Why Joy-Anna Duggar’s Weight Loss Is Seriously Concerning Fans

There are few families that have caused as much outrage and controversy over the years as the Duggars. From 19 Kids and Counting up until their time on TLC’s Counting On, we’ve been keeping up with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar along with their 19 kids to see what they’re doing with their lives. And nowadays, many of the Duggars that we remember as kids are all growing up fast. Some of them even have families and kids of their own.

Joy-Anna Duggar, the fifth-born Duggar daughter, has already started her own family at just 21 years old — and she’s been concerning fans more recently due to her weight loss. Here are the details.

Fans first recall her rapid weight loss ahead of her wedding to Austin Forsyth

Joy-Anna Duggar hasn’t always taken the spotlight. While fans may be more familiar with the lives of her sisters Jessa, Jill, and Jinger, it seems Joy-Anna has still found media focus in her own way. And in 2017, fans were taking particular notice of her weight.

The Hollywood Gossip recalls how fans grew concerned for Joy-Anna back before her wedding to Austin Forsyth. At the time, the young Duggar was just 19 — and followers of the family noticed she started dropping considerable weight, seemingly as prep for her big day. Some fans congratulated Joy-Anna on her new look. As one of their followers commented on Facebook, “I couldn’t believe that was Joy!! She lost weight!!” and another mentioned, “Joy must have lost weight she looks so great,” but not everyone was so impressed.

Some believe Joy-Anna was feeling pressure from both society and her religious teachings to drop a few pounds. As one concerned fan wrote, “Why it is important that the Duggar girls become underweight? It is not fair for the young ladies in the Gothard IBLP to be under so much pressure to be thin.”

Now, she’s promoting a weight-loss plan on social media


Joy-Anna has been married to Austin since May 2017 — and while her startling pre-wedding weight loss was enough for fans to take note of, they’re now noticing that she’s promoting weight-loss plans over social media.

Daily Mail Online reminds us Joy-Anna gave birth to her first baby back in February 2018. Since then, she’s mentioned she had trouble losing the baby weight — and in December, she talked to her Instagram followers about a new diet plan she was following. “A couple months ago I really wanted to hit hard and just lose this baby weight and I tried exercising, I tried dieting, and nothing was really working,” she said. “So I started it and I have already gotten down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and still losing weight, and I just feel so good.”

Now, in January 2019, we just got a new update from Joy-Anna’s Instagram about her weight loss — and she noted she’s below her wedding weight, “which, before my wedding, I worked so hard to get there. And so it’s such an easy program to follow and really little meal prep,” she added. And while Joy-Anna never comes right out and names the program she’s using, Redditors believe it’s Optavia.

Her comment to one fan has all of us worried

How thin is Joy-Anna now, and is she being paid to promote Optavia (if that is, in fact, the weight loss program she’s talking about)? It appears the post isn’t sponsored, and she appears happy with the results, so perhaps there’s nothing to worry about. But she did concern fans with one of her weight loss comments.

On her latest Instagram post about the program, In Touch Weekly reports one commenter wrote, “I’d do anything to lose weight! The issue is I have to do it healthy since I have anorexia.” To that, Joy-Anna said, “Awesome! This is all clean and has probiotics built in!” Unfortunately, many found the comment concerning, as Joy-Anna isn’t necessarily qualified to be giving dieting advice to someone recovering from an eating disorder. As one follower commented back, “I don’t think you’re qualified to determine whether this is a safe weight loss plan from someone who has been anorexic.”

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