Justin Bieber is Nervous About His Upcoming Wedding. Here’s Why.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin may already have been married for nearly a year but they are still planning to have a traditional wedding ceremony.

After a whirlwind romance, Bieber and Baldwin got married on Sep. 13 of last year. Their marriage came just two months after they got engaged.

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“Their engagement happened so quickly after they got back together,” a source told People. “It was very special for Justin to propose. He was so sure that Hailey is the one.”

Bieber and Baldwin’s wedding

Though they got married in a courthouse ceremony, the two have always wanted to have a big wedding. Their traditional nuptials are set to take place on Sep 30. in South Carolina.

Bieber is excited about the upcoming ceremony but nervous about how it’s all coming together.

“Justin loves Hailey with all his heart and he wants to prove to her that they are an unbreakable couple,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He wants to provide for her like none other and show her that their bond is the greatest thing that they have. So you can imagine that later this month when they get married again in front of God and friends and family, some things have weighed on him, and he’s been nervous because he wants it to be perfect and everything Hailey wants it to be. He wants to make that moment where he is his best self. There is excitement that surrounds that but it’s a nervous excitement because this will make it real and forever in his mind so he wants everything to go 100% right.”

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Baldwin has been helping Bieber get over the prewedding jitters.

“Hailey is completely on board and ecstatic and realizes Justin’s nerves but has reassured him that everything is already perfect because they have each other and that their wedding will be the best day of their lives,” the source said. “It is a really special time for them both right now. It feels like magic.”

Bieber’s struggles

Bieber has had a tough year. He has been open about his mental health journey and how Baldwin has supported him throughout it all.

“Justin has an incredible support system,” a source told People. “Hailey is his biggest supporter. She is there for him in a way that you wouldn’t expect from a newlywed. She understands him deeply, and is 100 percent ready to help him. He realizes how blessed he is to have her.”

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But he hasn’t always received that same support from the public.

“A couple of years ago, Justin publicly talked about the medication he was on, and there was backlash,” another source told the outlet. “Everybody has an opinion about mental issues and medication, and he was condemned for doing what he thought was right with the help of his doctors. You should have seen some of the tweets that were directed at him, and the messages he got.”

Regardless of what his fans say, Baldwin has been his rock through all of this and Bieber has done everything he can to be there for her as well.

“Although Justin is still working on his mental health, he and Hailey are doing great,” the source said. “They still act like newlyweds. Justin constantly surprises Hailey with gifts. She is always gushing about what a great husband he is.”