Why Kate Beckinsale Has Never Dated Anyone Like Pete Davidson

Kate Beckinsale has always been one of the most beautiful British actresses of the last 20 years, but her dating/married life seemed fairly ordinary until she suddenly reached her 40s. Based on what we know, it’s possible Beckinsale finally found the best romantic partner she’s ever had: Pete Davidson.

We’ve gone into the reasons why, notably because they have an emotional connection on both losing their dads at a young age. For her, this is still new territory, though, since Davidson is very different from anyone she’s dated before. Never has she received so much attention either.

Let’s look back to the people she’s dated and married. You might find insight into why unconventional relationships are sometimes better.

Beckinsale stuck with a conventional British relationship for eight years

Kate Beckinsale was only 22 when she started seriously dating one of Britain’s top actors: Michael Sheen. He’s Welsh, but they were only four years apart in age with Sheen being the oldest.

You might call this a fairly standard British romance. Considering Beckinsale is a native Londoner, it was inevitable she’d link up initially with a fellow Brit.

Wisely, she seemed cautious about marriage already then. She and Sheen didn’t marry, yet stayed together until 2003. In-between this time, they had one daughter named Lily.

Despite Beckinsale wanting Sheen to propose to her, he never did.

After the breakup, Beckinsale and Sheen stayed close

When you live in common law, you can remove a lot of the pain that comes with divorce and avoid ruining a potential friendship. Once Beckinsale and Sheen split when she filmed Underworld in 2003, there wasn’t any hard feelings between the two. They’re still friends to this day, which obviously removed an early weight in dealing with alimony or child support.

We have to wonder if Beckinsale getting romantic with American Underworld director Len Wiseman surprised Sheen. Beckinsale has denied she started the Wiseman relationship on the set of the movie. Even so, it’s probably a misnomer to think she didn’t have to deal with a “bag of mischief” then as she’s quoted as saying in a recent L.A. Times interview.

Wiseman’s wife at the time claimed infidelity, creating a bit of a media storm. However, few people remember this since it wasn’t half as much coverage as Beckinsale and Davidson receive now.

Being married to a director is never easy

A lot of actress/director marriages have occurred here in America and the U.K. over the decades. Almost all of them never last with the thought the director frequently turns into a Svengali for their wife.

Little is known how well Beckinsale and Len Wiseman got along. There’s some hints that maybe she grew tired of such an overly conventional relationship after a time.

Their divorce in 2016 wasn’t surprising, especially when seeing the common words “irreconcilable differences” and complicated schedules.

Afterward, Beckinsale briefly dated someone similar to Davidson.

Dating Matt Rife

“Matt…who?”, you might ask, which is a good question, even if he was a slight template for dating a standup comedian half Beckinsale’s age. Matt Rife (21 at the time) became her boyfriend a year after divorcing Wiseman.

Her attraction to comedians now is a logical one: Her late dad (Richard Beckinsale) was a notable comedian in Britain before his untimely death in 1979. The link-up with Rife seemed a psychological setup for that without the real emotional connection she discovered with Davidson.

Rife, of course, had no bag of mischief like Davidson clearly does. Regardless, we see Davidson as the culmination in everything Beckinsale probably wanted all along: Someone funny who also relates to losing your dad at far too young of an age.

At least Beckinsale knows how to deal with the unforgiving media baggage by using her acerbic wit on social media as a form of combat.