Why Kate Gosselin From ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Says the Public Hated Her

We all remember when Jon and Kate Gosselin first began their hit TV series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, back in 2007. The series chronicled the lives of the Gosselin family, which included the couples’ eight kids — a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. We got to see the ins and outs of Kate and Jon’s marriage and what life with eight children is really like in their suburban Pennsylvania town — but it didn’t take long before cracks in the couple’s relationship started to develop.

Now, Jon and Kate have been divorced for nearly 10 years, and fans still remember hearing feuding from each side. Here’s why fans completely turned on Kate and why she says the public couldn’t stand her.

Kate said during an interview that ‘people have a lot of contempt and hate for me’

The public’s view of Kate has shifted dramatically since she first popped up on TLC. In the beginning, fans were rooting for Kate and the kids when it was clear Kate and Jon’s marriage was crumbling. Cheating allegations hit Jon hard (though he maintains he was totally faithful to his wife through his entire marriage) — and loyal viewers of Jon & Kate Plus 8 praised Kate for trying to make her life work as a single parent. But, over time, things drastically changed.

Us Weekly reports Jon claimed the show was hurting his kids emotionally and mentally, yet Kate persisted with filming for money. And while she continued the show as just Kate Plus 8 once Jon was out of the picture, many thought she was exploiting her family just to keep food on the table. This led to reported trust issues from her siblings, too, who discussed with the press their disappointment in Kate’s decisions. And fans really started to turn on Kate when Jon suggested she had an affair with her bodyguard.

“People have a lot of contempt and hate for me and at the end of the day, I need to come home safely to my kids,” she said in an interview. And many continued to question Kate’s authenticity as she left Kate Plus 8 and pursued other reality TV endeavors.

She was slammed for joining other reality TV shows

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani smile on Dancing with the Stars.

Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars | ABC

Kate garnered a lot of negative attention when she joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars. CNN reports viewers took to message boards to slam everything from Kate’s appearance to her dancing skills to her parenting. As commentator M. Moore wrote, “Kate needs to go home and try to improve her mothering skills because her dancing skills are nonexistent.” And another commentator, Danny, wrote, “I think we are beginning to understand why Jon left to play elsewhere and not have to put up with this person.”

It seemed the biggest gripe many had with Kate appearing on a new series was that she wasn’t taking time to care for her eight children that she had full custody of. And many others couldn’t stand how Kate portrayed herself to the media as a victim of tabloid gossip when she willingly put herself and her children in the spotlight again and again.

She doesn’t regret making the show or putting her kids in the spotlight, though

Jon and Kate Gosselin's children

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s children | Kate Gosselin via Instagram

Does Kate regret any of the filming of her and her family? In 2009, Us Weekly reports she even called the show “a blessing because it was me working with my kids by my side.” And it certainly helped her fund her own life and her kids’ lives, so for that she is thankful.

It seems in more recent years, however, Kate has had a change of heart. Daily Mail Online notes she told People magazine about some of the personal regrets she holds from the show. She said she knows she came on “too strong,” which put many viewers off. “If I could go back, I wouldn’t spend so much time worrying about the messes and the obsessive compulsiveness and needing to be so in control,” she added. Kate also said that she would’ve spent more time cherishing the small moments while her kids were still young. “I would spend more time nibbling little feet and cuddling up,” she said.

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