Why Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Known By Different Names in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Upon their marriage in 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton received the titles the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Although the regal titles were given to them by Queen Elizabeth II that’s not how the couple is referred to everywhere in the United Kingdom. In fact, the pair isn’t even called a duke or duchess in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Here’s why they have different names in different countries and what they are. Plus the titles a few other royal family members use outside of England.

William and Middleton’s titles in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William | Dominic Lipinski/Getty Images

As married senior members of the royal family, Prince William and his wife were also gifted with different titles in Scotland because it has a separate system of nobility from England. William assumed the title Earl of Strathearn there, making Middleton the Countess of Strathearn.

In July 2018, Kensington Palace noted William’s title on its official Twitter account.

The royal couple has different regional titles whenever they visit Northern Ireland as well. There, they are known as Baron and Lady Carrickfergus.

Prince Charles’ titles in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Prince Charles

Prince Charles | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As for Prince Charles, he too has a different title in one of the countries that his son and daughter-in-law do.

The Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles are not known as the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall in Scotland. However, his dukedom is referenced there as he is the Duke of Rothesay and his wife is the Duchess of Rothesay. The title was previously held by an heir to the Scottish throne before the two families merged in the early 1600s. In addition, the prince also holds the titles of the Earl of Carrick and Baron of Renfrew there as well as Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.

When Charles inherits the throne, Prince William will likely receive many of his father’s titles. Currently, Charles’ full title is several lines long: His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM, AK, QSO, PC, ADC, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.

He does not have any separate title to go by when he is in Northern Ireland.

Harry and Meghan Markle’s titles in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Birmingham

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle | Oli Scarff – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Since his brother isn’t known by his ducal title in other parts of the U.K. you wouldn’t be wrong to assume the same goes for Prince Harry.

On May 19, 2018, Harry and Meghan Markle were married and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but just like his sibling and father when traveling to certain regions Harry goes by a different title as does his wife. In Northern Ireland, they are Baron and Baroness Kilkeel and in Scotland, they are known as the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton.

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