Why Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Have a Frosty Relationship

Kate Middleton has always been one of the most popular members of the royal family. Her longtime relationship with Prince William has been a subject of fascination for many, and her chic, timeless fashion choices have made her a staple in entertainment blogs and lifestyle websites.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth
Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Still, a recent report indicates that Middleton might not share such a close relationship with certain members of the royal family, including Prince William’s esteemed grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

How did Kate Middleton first meet Queen Elizabeth?

Kate Middleton grew up in an upper-middle-class family, with one sister and one brother. She was a good student with a keen interest in athletics and outdoor sports and chose to attend the prestigious University of St. Andrews. At the school, she met Prince William and the two formed a quick connection. While they were just friends for the first several years of their relationship, around the year 2004, things turned romantic, and the two started dating.

Middleton and Prince William dated for several years, all throughout their college years and following graduation. Although they were in love, things did not always go smoothly for the pair. Between the pressures of dating in the spotlight and the problems caused by their young ages, Kate Middleton and Prince William separated for a time in the year 2007.

The separation was brief, and later that year, the two got back together – renewing Prince William’s interest in pursuing a lifelong commitment to Middleton. Prince William even introduced his lovely girlfriend to family members. It was after their reconciliation that Kate Middleton first met Queen Elizabeth, at the wedding of a relative. Reportedly, the two got on quite well, and the queen was friendly and welcoming to Middleton.

Do Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth get along?

Years have passed since that first meeting between Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, and the passage of time might have changed their relationship slightly. A recent news story claims that Middleton and the queen aren’t close friends and while Queen Elizabeth reportedly “admires Kate tremendously,” they don’t have much in common and have a rather former relationship.

The report goes on to detail that there’s absolutely no bad blood between the two and that the understanding between Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton is very serious since Middleton is the queen’s “hope for the future.” The story also claims that in contrast to her more distant relationship with Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth is actually very close to Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle and that their personalities are a bit more similar.

Queen Elizabeth is grooming Middleton for the throne

There’s little doubt that Kate Middleton is a very busy woman. Between raising three small children and dedicating time to her royal duties, not to mention making time for her husband, Prince William, Middleton barely has time to herself. Still, she’s been spending more and more time with Queen Elizabeth in recent months, as the queen prepares her to one day ascend the throne alongside Prince William.

In recent days, Queen Elizabeth has been taking even more drastic steps to ensure that Middleton feels prepared for the pressures of ruling. She even granted her patronage of the Royal Photographic Society to Middleton, a role that she has held for nearly seventy years. The patronage marks the fifth for Middleton, who’s responsibilities have been steadily growing. Queen Elizabeth has also been taking Middleton with her to various solo engagements, a great honor that is granted to very few.

These actions prove that even if Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton aren’t the best of friends, there is a great deal of respect and love between the two women.