Why Kate Middleton Is Trying To Emulate Her Upbringing With Her Kids

Kate Middleton has taken to royal life with a style and grace that reminds everyone daily why Prince William first fell in love with her. The Duchess of Cambridge has also embraced her new role as a mother and spends time with her children as she teaches them to cook and goes out on fun outings.

Prince William and Duchess Kate even take their children to school every morning rather than leaving these tasks to nannies and caretakers. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton smile following their marriage at Westminster Abbey.
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Middleton may not have grown up in the royal family, but she had a good childhood that she wants to pass on to her own children. According to People, she’s doing everything she can to give her three kids — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — a normal childhood like the one she had. 

Kate Middleton’s children are royals

While there may be some confusion about what Duchess Kate’s future title will be when Prince William becomes King William, there’s no confusion that her children are in line for the throne. This means that they’re in the public eye on a near-constant basis.

Middleton still wants them to have a more normal family, however. According to People: “Kate Middleton may be raising heirs to the British throne, but first and foremost, they’re her three kids.”

Spending time with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Ever since Megan Markle married Prince Harry and gave birth to Archie, Duchess Kate and Duchess Megan have been spending time together. Now that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have a cousin, they’re having playdates.

According to Time Magazine, the first playdate between the cousins was the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day. The older children got to watch their father and uncle play polo. Or they did until a soccer match ensued between Prince George and Princess Charlotte, anyways.

People reports that Middleton spent more time chasing after Prince Louis and cheering on Prince George and Princess Charlotte than she did for Prince William, but that’s just a part of motherhood.

Kate Middleton gives her kids an active lifestyle

According to People, one of Duchess Kate’s favorite childhood memories was hiking and camping with her family, and she wants that for her own children. Earlier this summer, the three royal siblings had a blast visiting the Back to Nature garden Middleton helped design in London for the Chelsea Flower Show. Some of the activities they enjoyed were collecting rocks, exploring a treehouse, and swinging on a rope swing. 

Kate Middleton’s childhood

While Duchess Kate isn’t always vocal about her childhood, there are a few things we do know. For example, she was born to parents who were self-made millionaires. She may have grown up with money but her parents had not. They did what Middleton is trying to do with her own children by giving her a normal childhood.

Middleton and her sister Pippa had camping parties at their Victorian home growing up. They were close as children, just as Prince George and Princess Charlotte are now. Middleton also spent two years growing up in Jordan as a toddler. This will be an advantage for her own children who are already traveling the world with their parents. 

Something Duchess Kate doesn’t participate in much these days, unless you count chasing after her kids, is sports. While at boarding school, Middleton was very active in sports. She played field hockey, net ball, swimming, and tennis. While her children have not officially joined any sports teams, it seems only natural that Duchess Kate and Prince William will encourage them to do so.