Why Kate Middleton ‘Really Valued’ Her Prince William Breakup

We often forget that behind closed doors, the members of the royal family are just like us in so many ways. They have their rough times, and they even shed tears over certain situations. Additionally, they have relationship issues as well. Just like the rest of us, members of the royal family have gone through breakups, and for them, there is the added pressure of having to experience it in front of the entire world.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton met in college and began their relationship, fans couldn’t have been happier. They made an amazing couple, and everyone was eager to see what was going to happen in the future. However, a few years into the courtship, they went through a very high-profile split. To say fans were disappointed is an understatement. Although it couldn’t have been easy, there is a reason why Middleton ‘really valued’ her break-up from Prince William.

How did Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship begin?

Kate Middleton visits the Aga Khan Centre on in London, England.
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

It is no secret that when the couple was first introduced to each other, Duchess Kate was actually dating someone else. That was fine with Prince William, given that the two of them were only friends. They lived in the same residence hall at the University of Saint Andrew’s and would spend some time together whenever they had the chance and it was nothing more than that for a while.

According to Grazia Daily, it wasn’t long before the two of them moved from the residence hall to a student house with other friends, and their worlds became even closer. Prince William was having some trouble getting used to being at school, and he actually almost left. But Middleton convinced him to give it a shot. Luckily he did because, in 2003, he watched Middleton walk in a student fashion show wearing a very revealing dress and suddenly he began seeing her in a completely different light. 

Kate Middleton begins joining Prince William at royal events

The world realized that Prince William and Middleton were in a relationship when photographs emerged of them on a ski trip in Klosters. According to Cosmopolitan, it was evident that their relationship was serious when Kate began attending important events with Prince William, most notably to watch him graduate from the Royal Military Academy. Before long, Middleton was seen by Prince William’s side quite often. And, by that point, she had already met the rest of the royal family, including Prince Charles, and most importantly, the queen.

Kate Middleton and Prince William briefly broke up

Fans were devastated when it looked as if Prince William and Middleton weren’t going to get their fairytale ending after all. As many couples do, they shocked everyone when it was announced that they had split up.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Prince William, not Middleton, was the one who initiated the breakup. Middleton was left heartbroken as a result. It turns out that he had doubts about their relationship and called Middleton at work telling her: “I just can’t. It isn’t fair to you.” 

Why did Kate Middleton value their time apart?

Although she was crushed, Middleton reportedly looks back on the split and realizes that she valued their time apart. Why is this? According to Express, it is because she feels that the time alone made her stronger.

In the couple’s engagement interview, Middleton admits that while she wasn’t “happy at the time,” she now really values the time that she spent without Prince William by her side.

We are so relieved that everything worked out for the best because we can’t imagine either of them with anyone else, and we love seeing them happily married with three adorable children.