Why Kate Middleton Will Make a Good Queen

When Kate Middleton accepted a marriage proposal from Prince William many years ago, she knew that she would have an extraordinary life.

In addition to living in a palace, having the title of “duchess,” and being in the spotlight most of the time, Kate was well aware of the fact that she would someday be queen!

While this sounds extremely glamorous, it is in no way easy. Everything Kate does will be scrutinized even more than it is now, and she will be living her life in the public eye.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge seems ready to take on the role! Let’s discuss all of the reasons why Kate Middleton will make a wonderful queen consort.

She takes constructive criticism

If someone in the royal family, such as Queen Elizabeth II or Camilla Parker-Bowles, gives Kate any sort of advice, she takes it very seriously. The duchess knows that she is being given this advice so that she can improve, and that is exactly what her main focus is.

Kate isn’t known for getting upset if it is suggested that she dresses or acts a certain way, as she knows that these guidelines are helping to shape her future and make her the best queen that she can possibly be.

Kate increases her royal duties

Never one to do the bare minimum and nothing more, Kate is willing to take on whatever royal duties come her way. She gives her full attention to her current role as the Duchess of Cambridge and is always perfectly prepared for whatever her royal life holds.

Kate is an excellent speaker, she is poised, and she has excellent attention to detail, qualities that will come in handy when her husband becomes king. She knows, even now, that it takes a special, patient person to the queen, and she is more than ready to embrace it.

She goes above and beyond

Kate goes out of her way to connect with members of the public, as well as those who are in need. She is a caring person at heart, which as most people know, is not something that can be learned.

While it is true that Kate will undergo training in order to be queen, there are certain qualities that she already possesses that will definitely help her along the way! Kate has a positive attitude, she is compassionate and understanding, and she has the patience and wisdom that a great queen certainly needs.

She is a natural

As we are well aware, Kate Middleton was not born into royalty, however, she could have fooled anyone. It looks as if the duchess has been carrying out royal duties for her entire life.

Somehow, Kate manages never to get flustered by the cameras that are constantly on her, and she keeps her composure at all times. If she is ever nervous, it doesn’t show. It must be stressful knowing that there are times when you are being watched by the entire world, and Kate has the amazing ability to handle it at all times.

Kate never lets it go to her head

While anyone would be over the moon at the prospect of being queen someday, Kate takes it all in stride. She seems to regard the opportunity with respect and gratitude, knowing full well that it is an enormous responsibility that must be taken extremely seriously.

Kate knows just how fortunate she is, and she never lets it go to her head. As if we did not have enough reasons to love Kate Middleton already, the fact that she will make a great queen just gives us one more.