Why Keanu Reeves and Marvel Would Go Perfectly Together

It’s getting to the point lately where Keanu Reeves could officially be called a true Nomad of Hollywood. Nobody seems to mind he appears to be a lonely drifter who helps improve every movie, animated voiceover, cameo, or video game produced in Tinseltown.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Yes, there’s probably a meta-movie about such a character only Reeves could play. In the meantime, this renewed appreciation for Reeves is making many people speculate about what else he could do in the world of action movies.

Could he be the next best thing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? With the MCU utilizing time-travel now, it makes you wonder if Ted from the Bill & Ted franchise will make a stoner reference to it in the latter’s upcoming sequel.

Rumors are already brewing about Reeves being courted for The Eternals

With all the excitement building for MCU’s Phase Four (officially announced later this summer), many wonder if Keanu Reeves would fit right in playing a superhero. Thanks to the huge box office success of John Wick 3, we’re back to remembering he’s one of the most compelling action stars around, including bringing some personality to the fore.

Others might find the word “personality” a bit droll since there were times in the past when Reeves was considered overly wooden as an actor. All thoughts of this have been diminished lately after finding out there’s a lot more emotion going on under the surface. Maybe learning about his tragic past made a difference in reanalyzing his acting techniques.

Whatever your opinion is of his acting chops, rumors have already popped up he’s been considered for MCU’s The Eternals, which reportedly will have Angelina Jolie in the lead as Sersei.

If this does come true, it may be a personal dream for himself, not to mention his bank account.

Reeves supposedly wanted to be in other MCU projects

Do you remember hearing about Reeves wanting to play Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel? There was a conflict with Reeves filming John Wick 3 at the time, so this dream role fell apart.

You may also recall he showed interest in playing Wolverine at one time. Can you imagine what would have happened to the MCU had he gained either part? Since he seems to steal every movie he’s in lately, maybe it was better for him to hold off until the time was right.

Should he join The Eternals, we’d see Reeves become a part of a lucrative franchise that could turn him into the next Robert Downey, Jr. Then again, like Downey, some people might miss seeing Reeves in those quirky indie films he used to do.

Or it might just be a temporary decade detour before finding his way back to smaller films.

Would joining the MCU ruin the John Wickfranchise?

More and more fans are joining the John Wick fan train, which makes sense considering Reeves was built for playing the character. A few have even suggested it’s loosely based on himself, making it all the more poignant while also bringing artful action sequences.

Nothing is committed to writing yet for the MCU. Nevertheless, you have to imagine Reeves joining them for a time will end any chance of further John Wick movies. His paycheck for the latter movies was already huge, not including making $15 million per film when doing The Matrix trilogy.

Joining the MCU could up his net worth of $350 million even further. Don’t be surprised if he ends up one of the highest paid actors today if he joins MCU thanks to their vast reservoir of cash available to land the A-list talent they want.

Many would say he’d be one of the most deserving based on his stellar reputation. Not that we still don’t pine to see a woman in the $20 million per movie slot.