Why Kelly Clarkson Thought Getting Her Own Talk Show Was a Bad Idea

The idea of doing a talk show always sounds like an automatic failure in the times we live. You can arguably blame this notion on cable news dominating the genre with a perpetual political slant. Chat shows with more cerebral conversation are also about extinct, with now-disgraced Charlie Rose being one of the last of the herd.

When Kelly Clarkson was offered a talk show, her reaction was like many people: What’s the point? It turns out after months of mulling it over, she thought it might still be worth doing. With her talk show premiering on NBC September 9, you’ll be able to see what she’s had up her sleeve in bringing something different to the talk show table (or desk).

Clarkson ultimately had the perfect education watching the great talk show hosts of the past.

Kelly Clarkson thought nobody would initially watch

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Based on a recent interview in Parade Magazine, Clarkson thought nobody would watch a talk show with her as host. You have to agree with her when you think about the idea in the abstract. After all, starting a talk show with one of America’s greatest pop stars seems like trying to force the proverbial square peg into a circle.

What helped her decide to go for it is her love of watching specific talk shows over the years, including Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres. Her plan is to infuse little elements of each into her show, not including ongoing musical themes.

If you think the latter sounds a little like Harry Connick Jr.’s now canceled foray into the world of daytime talk, you might be right. His show did click on all cylinders after its first season thanks to his comedic personality and throwing a musical party each day. Plus, he tackled some worthy lifestyle subjects.

The trouble was that Connick Jr.’s show just suffered from low ratings. Daytime talk is becoming a little more of a risky venture because not as many people watch TV in the daytime as they used to.

Kelly Clarkson wants to create an escapist talk show

Those of you puzzling over what Clarkson’s talk show brand will be, you can count on it being pure fun without talk about anything overly serious. Yes, this includes no politics, something most sane human beings are sick to death of in the usual talk format.

At least DeGeneres brings much the same fun, other than keeping it strictly talk and comedy. Clarkson’s musical abilities will allow her to do shows with complete musical themes, giving a chance to utilize her stellar vocal cords in the most effective way.

Perhaps many will inevitably call it out as a promotional hub to promote her own albums or projects. Even Connick, Jr. did that by performing much of his own music on his show.

Having a show taking everybody away from the black hole of volatile political news is worth being on board for, no matter if many may be too busy working in the afternoons to watch live.

Is Kelly Clarkson taking on too much?

In a recent interview with People, Clarkson says she loves staying crazy busy and working on a schedule. After some recent health scares (including a burst cyst on her ovary in the middle of a live The Voice episode), one has to hope she isn’t working herself to the point of exhaustion.

We all hope the production team behind her talk show lets her take time for herself when needed and not spin too many plates at the detriment of her health.

It’s safe to say the show will probably be a big hit, in the beginning, thanks to Clarkson’s star power alone. Continued high ratings will be determined based on how many Americans are truly at home then and not just on social media as their only work-at-home distraction.