Why Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s Family and Friends Are So Shocked About Their Marriage Ending

Since tying the knot in 2009, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have had their marital problems play out in the media and on reality TV. In March 2018, reports began swirling that Wilkinson was preparing to file for divorce and on April 6, 2018, they each filed papers citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Anyone who watched Kendra on Top or Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in the past has seen their relationship drama unfold and may not be completely shocked by the news that the two are divorcing. However, their family and friends apparently didn’t think this was coming.

Here’s why things ended for the former Playboy model and ex-NFL player and why those close to them are so surprised it’s come to this (page 5).

Baskett faced allegations of having an affair with a transgender model

Hank Baskett smiling in a selfie with Kendra.

Hank Baskett’s scandal caused the family trouble. | Hank Baskett via Instagram

In 2014, a scandal rocked the pair when news broke that Baskett allegedly cheated on his wife with a transgender model while Wilkinson was eight months pregnant with their second child. Wilkinson was reportedly devastated and also furious that she learned about what happened not from her husband but through the media.

Baskett later explained that he was unexpectedly fondled by the transgender woman through his shorts but did not engage in any act with her. He also said he truly regrets all the pain caused to his family.

“I messed up,” he told People. “I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family.”

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Drama unfolded in Kendra on Top

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson pose together smiling.

The situation was too much for Kendra to bear. | Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Wilkinson’s reaction to hearing about the incident played out on her reality show Kendra on Top.

She said that she “went ballistic” as she just “couldn’t control her emotions” and threw Baskett out of the house, threatened to divorce him then, and flushed her wedding ring down the toilet.

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The two tried to fix their relationship on Marriage Boot Camp

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars promotional image.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE

In 2015, the pair appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in an effort to save their relationship. It was during that show when Baskett finally opened up to his wife about the scandal.

“I’m finding the trust again,” Wilkinson said following his admission. “And I’m actually very happy Hank went through this now because he’s able to teach his son and his daughter what it’s like to make a mistake and what you do after making a mistake.”

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Wilkinson admitted that they were still having problems

Kendra's mirror selfie.

She admits that her life isn’t always perfect. | Kendra Wilkinson Baskett via Instagram

If there was ever a time where it seemed as though they could turn a corner and perhaps put their past issues behind them, it was following their appearance on Marriage Boot Camp. However, fans learned that they were still having marital troubles.

Wilkinson took to Instagram in February 2018 to let her followers know that her problems with her husband are very real and not just a storyline for her reality show. In a now-deleted post, the model explained, “Yes we are having issues … these issues Hank n I are having in our home which we are tryin hard to over come, everyone knows about, including producers and network, friends, and family.”

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Those close to them are surprised they separated

Kendra Wilkinson holds Hank's neck.

The couple’s friends and family were quite surprised. | Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for WE tv

As Wilkinson mentioned in her post, their friends and family were aware of their struggles. However, those close to them thought they could get through it, especially since they’ve been in therapy and considering the work they put in on Marriage Boot Camp.

“They had some rough times, but that’s marriage. It’s bound to happen. They really tried, and their loved ones were convinced they’d come out of this stronger,” a source told People.

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Wilkinson said she ‘will always love him’

Kendra and Hank together at a dinner table.

They might not be together anymore, but she cares a lot for him. | Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WE tv

Through a tearful social media post on April 6, 2018, Wilkinson said that she “will always love” Baskett even though they weren’t “meant to be.”

The model also revealed that she was “beyond sad and heartbroken” about her marriage ending but was now focusing on co-parenting their two children together. 

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They did not spend Easter together

Kendra's children holding easter baskets.

Kendra had the kids all to herself recently. | Kendra Wilkinson via Instagram

Wilkinson and her two children reportedly spent the Easter holiday without Baskett. The reality star posted pictures of her children Hank IV, and Alijah, enjoying an Easter egg hunt on April 1, 2018. Her fans immediately pointed out that there were no family photos, which led to reports that the couple did not spend Easter together.

However, Baskett and Wilkinson were both present for their daughter’s soccer game on April 8, 2018.

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