Why Kevin Feige Says This Upcoming MCU Film Is Risky

Marvel more or less has a generational problem now that they stand at a crossroads between three brilliant movie phases and a fourth that will bring all-new superheroes into the fray. If it looks overly obvious Kevin Feige is perhaps wanting to cater to a younger audience, there isn’t proof of such a thing with a project like Eternals.

The latter project will become more ambitious than Avengers: Endgame — if that’s possible — proving Feige realizes each bar has to be set higher. While the cast is of varying ages, Feige still considers it a major risk.

There’s good reasons for this beyond the reported astronomical budget. Just the hype of it and curiosity will likely attract an audience. Then again, with all-new characters, it reminds everyone Marvel truly is taking future risks not bringing emotional connections to the prior Avengers.

What could go wrong with Marvel’s ‘Eternals’?

Marvel Studios planning Excalibur
Marvel Studios | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

When you see the cast for Eternals, it truly makes your jaw drop at the talent Marvel managed to attract. Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Kit Harrington is in the cast, giving fans an idea of how many actors in Hollywood want to work for Marvel.

With a cast like this, nobody would consider it a risk when it might be an automatic box office draw. The problem, of course, is that there never has been an adaptation of the Eternals characters for the big screen. It always has been an ambitious story in the Marvel comic book world, and nobody probably thought it could be made into a movie until the budget was available.

Now Marvel can afford to do virtually anything, which they will, according to Feige. Nevertheless, he’s still showing concern on how it’s arguably the riskiest project the MCU will have ever done.

All of this starts with the initial lofty concept: The Eternals are all-powerful beings. They’re given those powers from an alien race called The Celestials.

Some audiences might be turned off by superheroes who are too powerful

If you can find where the real flaw is here, you’d be right if you questioned these superheroes being a little too powerful. Perhaps some can argue that was also a flaw in Captain Marvel, despite Brie Larson still making Carol Danvers a very human character who just so happens to be the most powerful Avenger of all.

Eternals have no connection to the Avengers, so there’s already a major emotional disconnect from past MCU films. Not giving them any weaknesses could also be a problem — not including being immortal — unless Feige brings a new vision where they all have at least one flaw.

Most audiences appreciate superheroes who show a relatable side, which is why the Avengers films were so popular. The same applies (more so) to the new vision of Spider-Man thanks to Tom Holland offering a new take on teen life choices.

Not that superheroes made practically omniscient can’t still be made interesting with the right production team. Feige seems excited Chloe Zhao is directing the project, despite only having previous prestigious indie film cred with last year’s The Rider.

Having a woman director will help, not including an interesting battle story

Adding Zhao to the mix as director was already a brilliant idea to give an outsider perspective on the Eternals tale. Feige will only be producing, with Matthew and Ryan Firpo being the screenwriters, going against the grain of stalwarts Markus and McFeely.

What might help the film is it takes place millions of years ago, offering an entirely new historical world to Marvel characters. Maintaining this will adhere to the original comic book idea.

On top of it, the plot will stick with the comic book code: The Eternals and the Celestials battle it out for the most superior race of beings. In the mix are The Deviants, a race of baddies also created by The Celestials.

Two major powerful races of people battling it out are something no one’s seen at Marvel. This could contain potential human sides when placed into the context of recent media fascination with powerful characters fighting a war for dominance.