Why Kim Kardashian Had to Make This Diet Change for Her Health

Kim Kardashian has a long history of being open and transparent with her followers, especially when it comes to her health and wellness. Kardashian has had her share of health struggles and has suffered from several different conditions that cause adverse reactions and pregnancy complications. Recently, Kardashian opened up about her most persistent condition, one that she has been coping with for years, and the remedies that she has found to combat the affliction naturally.

Kim Kardashian suffers from psoriasis

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In a recent story on Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle website Poosh, Kim Kardashian opened up and let fans in on her journey with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Kardashian first started experiencing the autoimmune condition thirteen years ago, but she wasn’t completely new to the complications that it would cause: Her mother, Kris Jenner, also suffered from psoriasis.

In the story, Kardashian admitted that it was coming down with the common cold that triggered her psoriasis complications. The patches showed up all over her stomach and legs, but a quick trip to the dermatologist for a cortisone shot was able to take the outbreak, at least for another five years.

Kardashian went on to detail how it resurfaced again when she was in her early 30s and had a bad reaction to a dress that she was wearing for an event. Kardashian admitted that since then, it has more or less remained a part of her life. And while the spots are inconsistent and can manifest all over her body at random times, she almost always has one spot on her leg that stays there. Eventually, after she started experiencing pain in her hands and bones, she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

Her journey to the diagnosis was chronicled on Keeping Up With the Kardashians

What does Kim Kardashian eat to help her psoriasis?

Although everyone has their own way of managing autoimmune conditions, it can sometimes take a very long time to figure out something that works. Kardashian admitted in her Poosh feature that she has finally become “comfortable” with her psoriasis and refuses to let it run her life or change the way that she goes about her daily activities. She stated that sometimes she covers up the dry patches with body makeup and sometimes just lets them breathe.

Kardashian claimed that her healthy lifestyle helps her deal with psoriasis by helping to actively manage stress in her life. Kardashian eats plant-based as much as possible and drinks “sea moss smoothies” on a regular basis. Sea moss smoothies, according to experts, can reduce inflammation and boost mental health benefits. They can also help support the nervous system and reduce stress. All in all, these power-packed smoothies would be good for anyone to drink, not just those suffering from the effects of psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. 

Kim Kardashian’s diet history

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Kardashian’s sea moss smoothies aren’t the first time that the star has adjusted her diet in order to better take control of her health. Following the birth of her son Saint in late 2015, she adhered to the Atkins diet in order to drop some pounds. She worked out hard and ate no more than 1800 calories per day in order to get back in fighting shape, without sacrificing her famous curves. 

These days, she follows an even more strict regimen, and her plant-based meal choices include smoothie bowls, lots of sweet potato and avocado, and naturally sweet fruit to satisfy her craving for sugar. Between her regimented diet and her intense workouts with her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, Kardashian has managed to transform her body into the picture of health.