Why Kris Jenner Bought Half of Rob Kardashian’s Arthur George Company

Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner on Keeping Up With the Kardashians | E!

Rob Kardashian has been mostly staying low after having a publicly tumultuous relationship with Blac Chyna. But once again the two parents of Dream are making headlines because they are fighting it out over child support. Something has surprisingly come out in their fight and that’s Kris Jenner has bought half of Rob Kardashian’s sock company, Arthur George. Here is everything to know about the business deal.

Kris Jenner invested money into Arthur George when it was struggling, now she has 50% stake

It turns out that Arthur George wasn’t doing so hot. In order to save it, Rob Kardashian got some help from his mother. “When the business was struggling, my mother infused it with capital to keep it afloat and from her infusion gained a 50% share in the company,” Rob Kardashian said in court documents, according to The Blast.

The Arthur George business owner sort of blames Blac Chyna for the business’ downfall later in the court documents. Mostly because of the social media strategy the business relied on.

He then added, “Previously, the line’s success was in large part due to my regular posting and general promotion on social media. Angela’s request for a restraining order against me includes various prohibitions on what I could post online. In order to avoid any potential future issues, I nearly eliminated my social media presence.”

All of this is coming out because Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are in court over child support for their daughter, Dream. The father is claiming he can’t currently afford his payments. Blac Chyna’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom actually released a statement responding to Kardashian’s social media claim.

We believe Rob Kardashian has deliberately retreated from social media to reduce his income so that he can pay less child support,” read the statement. “Poor little rich boy. What kind of father doesn’t want to support his own baby?”

The statement continued, “Rob and Kris Jenner have also been dodging their depositions. They can run, but they can’t hide. Like all other litigants and witnesses, eventually, they will have to show up and answer questions about where all of Rob’s money has gone. ”

Rob Kardashian is currently paying $20,000 month in child support

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna arrive at her birthday celebration

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna arrive at her birthday celebration and unveiling of her ‘Chymoji’ collection at the Hard Rock Cafe on May 10, 2016 in Hollywood, Calif. | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

The reality star reportedly agreed to pay his ex-fiancée $20,000 a month in child support back in 2017. The amount was based on his $1 million a year salary from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Now he says he can’t afford those payments partially because he’s no longer regularly filming the show. According to The Blast, he’s now getting $50,000 per episode.

It’s probably not shocking that Kris Jenner would intervene with Rob Kardashian’s struggling business. She is the manager for all of her kids, which means she earns 10% of their earnings. If any of them is losing money she would financially be invested in fixing that problem. But now it seems she’s an equal shareholder in the sock business.

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