Why Kylie Jenner Wants Baby Rumors Over Travis Scott Rumors

Although every member of the Kardashian family regularly makes headlines, Kylie Jenner is quite possibly the most popular of the famous family. She grew up in the spotlight, and after growing her billion-dollar Kylie Cosmetics company, her fans feel like she can do no wrong.

Rumors follow Jenner wherever she goes, from the persistent plastic surgery whispers to the more recent rumors of problems in her and Travis Scott’s relationship.

Are Jenner and Scott still together?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott first got together in early 2017 and things seemed to progress quickly. Jenner, who had previously been in a long-term relationship with rapper Tyga, was spotted with Scott at several basketball games and music events. They were inseparable throughout the summer of 2017, and by September of that year, rumors that Kylie Jenner was pregnant started circulating.

Jenner and Scott would not confirm the pregnancy until after the birth of their daughter, Stormi Webster, in February 2018. Once the news of their baby was revealed, fans were excited and curious. Would Jenner and Scott tie the knot? While rumors that they were secretly married kept persisting, Scott himself revealed in an interview that the two were not yet engaged and that he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to propose. 

Are Jenner and Scott facing trouble in paradise?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott | Steve Granitz/WireImage

Lately, it seems that there could be trouble in paradise. While Scott has been traveling the world on tour, Jenner apparently discovered some suspect messages from girls on Scott’s Instagram account. While neither of them commented on this publicly, Scott briefly deleted his Instagram, adding fuel to the fire, and even canceled one of the shows on his tour.

According to reports, Kylie Jenner was not soothed by either of these displays of devotion and is still questioning Scott’s loyalty to her, especially in light of the betrayal of her best friend, Jordyn Woods. Currently, it is assumed that Scott and Jenner are still together, although neither has spoken out in confirmation or denial.

Kylie Jenner fuels second baby rumors

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baby #2?

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Jenner hasn’t commented on the Travis Scott issue publicly, but one rumor that she definitely doesn’t mind playing up is the recurrent suspicion that she could be pregnant again. Jenner seems to love teasing fans regarding her pregnancy status. She posted a picture of her and Scott on Instagram in early February, with the caption “baby #2?” and fans went crazy. While Jenner replied to a fan question of whether she was pregnant with an amused “lol no,” it didn’t do much to quiet the rumors.

Another hint of a second baby?

Recently, Jenner has been posting lots of pictures and videos of herself and baby Stormi Webster, revealing to fans that the toddler has been extra attached to her lately. Fans immediately started asking if Jenner was pregnant since frequently young children can sense pregnancy before the mother herself even knows. Jenner also went live on social media in early March, talking baby names and what names she prefers for a possible second baby. Although she hasn’t yet announced anything, it seems as though she could be preparing fans for a big pregnancy reveal. 

It certainly looks like Jenner loves the pregnancy speculation since she continues to play up the rumors. With Jenner’s media savvy, she certainly knows what she is doing. It is possible that all the teasing on social media is just a distraction, to pull attention away from the very real problems she could be having with Travis Scott. In addition, the brand new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres in late March, and all the rumors provide the perfect build up to a major season premiere.