Why Linda and Bob From ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Have the Best Marriage on TV

Bob’s Burgers returned for season 10, and the new season kicked off by reminding audiences how great Bob and Linda are as a couple. While it’s rare to see in sitcoms, Bob and Linda are equal partners who genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They are comfortable with their lives but always willing to do what will make the other person happy. If any couple on TV should be considered “relationship goals,” it’s Bob and Linda.

Bob's Burgers Bob Linda
‘Bob’s Burgers’ | FOX via Getty Images

‘Bob’s Burgers’ avoids the trope of Linda being a nagging wife

In sitcoms, many shows fall into the trope of having the dad of the family be the “fun parent” while the wife nags him. The husband is usually the one getting the family into trouble, ignoring his wife’s warnings, and then the wife finds a solution. She might be briefly thanked or receive a small apology, but those scenes are usually undercut with a joke.

In Bob’s Burgers, the show avoids that trope completely. In fact, it’s almost the opposite. Linda is usually the parent leading the family’s antics while Bob begrudgingly follows along. The key difference is Bob and Linda work together as equal partners. Even if one of them does not agree with the situation, they will still do what they can to help their partner and family.

Bob and Linda are genuinely best friends

One of the reasons Bob and Linda’s relationship works so well is because they are genuinely best friends. While the couple works together and raises three kids together, they always find time to make each other laugh.

Emily Heller wrote in Polygon, “My favorite moment between the Belchers is when Bob is so excited that his favorite baseball player liked his burger, he tell Linda that he wants the kind words written on his tombstone. Linda says she’s already picked out his tombstone — it’s going to say ‘Order up.’ He chuckles and replies, ‘That’s good. Let’s go with that one.'”

Bob and Linda know how to handle conflict in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Some of the funniest scenes in Bob’s Burgers occur when Bob and Linda sit in bed while their kids are asleep. Sometimes they are genuinely joking around, while other times they are getting on each other’s nerves. In one particularly funny scene, Bob insists on practicing the banjo even after Linda repeatedly asked him to stop.

As Bob tries to quietly play the banjo, Linda turns on the light and says, “Bob, I swear to God.” Bob apologetically replies, “I’m sorry, I thought you were asleep. I waited.” Linda turns off the light again and Bob immediately picks up the banjo. “Bob,” she says, without bothering to turn on the light. “Yep,” he replies, finally setting the banjo down.

While other shows would make this scene out to be a point of tension, it is lighthearted and fun. Bob and Linda know how to handle conflict without alienating the other person. When they deal with larger issues, they still approach it as a team.

They support each other no matter what

In the first episode of season 10, “The Ring (But Not Scary),” Bob buys an engagement ring for Linda since he could not afford one when they first got engaged. Unfortunately, Tina, Gene, and Louise lose it. While Bob feels terrible for not being able to give Linda a diamond ring, Linda reassures him that she loves him no matter what.

This kind of support is seen in multiple episodes of Bob’s Burgers. Bob and Linda support each other through health problems, no matter how unpleasant. They always communicate openly and are willing to try new things to keep their long-term relationship exciting. There is no doubt a key to the success of Bob’s Burgers is Bob and Linda’s relationship.