Why ‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Are Annoyed With Amy Roloff’s Instagram

We’ve been keeping up with the Roloff family for years thanks to TLC’s Little People, Big WorldIt all started with Amy and Matt Roloff, a couple with dwarfism who run their own farm and have four kids (only one of whom also has dwarfism). Over the years, we got to see the highs and the lows for the family. And even though all of the Roloff kids are married and many are starting families of their own and Amy and Matt are divorced, the show has a big enough fan base to carry on.

Amy has been a fan favorite for years, but it seems she’s been irritating fans with some of her Instagram posts. Here’s why.

Amy has been using her Instagram to push various products

with 755,000 followers, Amy certainly has a far reach, and fans love when she posts photos with the rest of the Little People, Big World family. Unfortunately, not all of her content seems to be family-oriented. It appears the reality TV star also tends to push various products on social media, and they’ve ranged from her own baked goods to weight loss supplements.

More recently, we’ve seen Amy pushing her baked goods from Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen just in time for Valentine’s Day. And while fans can tolerate these posts, it’s the other products that really rile them up. In late January 2019, Amy posted a photo of herself with Teami tea, as she’s partnered with them. “I feel like I’ve already made a lot of progress and focusing on healthy weight loss through nutrition, watching what I’m eating, exercising and drinking my @teamiblends tea!” she commented on the post with her discount code. And we remember a similar post from Amy regarding Teami’s products back in November 2018 as well.

Fans are against her push for these products

Amy is certainly lovable, but fans have had enough of her push for these products, as many of them feel like the marketing is inauthentic to who the star really is. As one of her followers stated on her post, “I’m in the medical field – DON’T DRINK THAT STUFF! At best, it does absolutely nothing for you – at worst it can cause liver damage!” And another disheartened follower added, “Just another one of your money making ploys. How much is your kick back ? I am still amazed you do this commercial promo but you were to busy shooting your show to help with our fundraiser for MBC.”

According to CafeMom, other followers have even called out the Teami brand for being a particularly bad scam that many celebrities are marketing. One follower added, “It does seem like every social media star is promoting this tea, but I have read people who have tried it and they say it causes stomach pains, nausea and headaches.” Yikes.

This is the content LPBW fans really want from Amy

While fans are disappointed with Amy’s product push, there’s plenty of other content that they love on her Instagram — and they certainly want to see more family photos and info about her boyfriend, Chris. Many of the original Little People, Big World cast members, like her kids Molly, Jacob, and Jeremy, are no longer regulars on the show — so the only way to keep up with them is through social media. Fans particularly loved Amy’s content around the holidays, as her posts were full of authentic family joy. As one follower commented on this post, “amy, so happy to see you happy again! love your show and the great message it conveys!”

Her family aside, fans also love when she discusses her relationship with Chris on social media. The two seem totally in love, and her followers are extremely happy she’s found someone after her divorce. Many are even starting to wonder if wedding bells will be ringing in their future. “You can tell how much your man is in love with you,” said one follower — and many agreed.

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