Why ‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Are Worried for Tori Roloff After Her Instagram Post

TLC has provided us with plenty of shows we’ve fallen in love with over the years — and Little People, Big World is definitely one of them. The show follows the lives of Matt and Amy Roloff, a couple who both have dwarfism, and their four kids as they navigate life, work on their farm, and start families of their own. And over the years, we’ve all loved to watch Zach Roloff, the only member of the family aside from his parents who has dwarfism, and his wife, Tori.

Nowadays, Tori has a serious social media following, and fans love to see fresh content related to her, Zach, and their baby, Jackson. But she’s been worrying her followers with one post. Here’s what happened.

Tori posted about how ‘life’s just been challenging’ for her

Tori’s not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve when it comes to sharing her feelings. This certainly has its benefits, as she’s shared tons of photos of her love of Zach and Jackson over social media. It also, however, means she’s willing to tell her followers when she’s going through a period of time that isn’t great, leading them to worry.

In mid-January, she posted a photo on Instagram of her smiling with Jackson and captioned it, “Life’s just been challenging for me lately. Im entering a new season of life with really difficult things on my horizon and it’s hard to know how to navigate them.” She also mentioned that she’s “blessed to have people in my corner” and that she wants 2019 to help her become “a better wife, friend, mom, and follower of Jesus.”

The post ended on a high note, but fans were worried about the alleged difficulties. As one of her followers commented back, “Tori, you are a wonderful mommy, wife, and friend, daughter in law, and daughter…don’t listen to anyone, they’re the ones with the problems not you.” And another added, “Whatever your going through, please remember, YOU ARE AMAZING! Your one of my favorite people to look up to.”

Fans think the mom-shaming is getting to her

While Tori has tons of fans on her side, she’s also had an issue with being shamed online. Back in mid-December, she posted her feelings about being mom-shamed to Instagram with a photo of Jackson. She wrote, “Lately I have been getting a lot of negative comments and feedback on my social media. I don’t usually take things to heart because I know I cant please everyone but I had to bring this up. Mom shaming is a real thing and it’s not cool.”

As for what she’s been mom-shamed for, it’s ranged from Jackson’s safety in a canoe to how she lets her little one sleep. She’s responded to her followers to ensure them that she takes “all aspects of parenting and safety seriously,” In Touch Weekly notes, but it evidently hasn’t stopped the hate. As she continued on in her Instagram post, “There’s a lot going on in my life right now personally and I like to use my social media to brighten other’s day but unfortunately there have been days that i feel it’s doing no good.”

Jackson’s health issues could be adding stress

As for other reasons Tori’s life has been challenging as of late, we know that baby Jackson has had some health difficulties that would be tough for any mom to deal with. Back in June, People notes he was taken to urgent care after hurting his arm while playing. Tori explained on social media, “We thought maybe something called ‘nursemaids elbow’ but after two times of a doctor trying to reduce it to no avail (which by the way is absolutely the worst thing to see your child in that much pain) it could possibly be a fracture but still not sure.”

Not only that, but more recently in January, Tori and Zach were on their way to Disneyland with Jackson when they discovered he had two ear infections. And after they got to the park, Jackson sustained an injury from nursemaid’s elbow once again, and they had to leave the park early. Her fans were still cheering Tori on despite the difficulties, however. As one follower said, “God gave Jackson to you because He knew you’d be the perfect mom for him. Don’t let all of your expectations get you down. There will be plenty more Disney days!”

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