Why ‘Little People Big World’ Stars Jacob Roloff and Audrey Roloff Allegedly Can’t Stand Each Other

There are certainly ups and downs to growing up on TV, and the Roloff family from Little People, Big World are well-aware of the highs and lows. It all began with Matt and Amy Roloff, two little people who were married when the show began and have since divorced. We also got to know their four kids: Zach, who also has dwarfism, his twin of average height Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob. Of course, with every family, there’s the black sheep — and that always appeared to be Jacob.

From family estrangement to totally differing beliefs, Jacob has seemingly never quite fit with the rest of the Roloffs, and he even chose to leave the show behind. Not only that, but it’s apparent to fans that he and his sister-in-law, Audrey, don’t like each other either.

Audrey and Jacob have never seen eye-to-eye regarding religion

It’s no secret that the Roloffs are a religious bunch. While Amy has mentioned their strong faith in the past, one of the most outspoken regarding Christianity is certainly Jeremy. He and his wife, Audrey, have spoken in the past about their covenant marriage and deep relationship with God, and everything they do seems to be driven by their love for their religious pathway.

Jacob, on the other hand, has stated before that he’s agnostic, Radar Online reports. And that doesn’t appear to sit well with Audrey. The publication notes after family members were congratulating Jacob on his engagement Isabel Rock Garreton in the beginning of 2018, Audrey posted something on Instagram that was assumed to be a dig at Jacob. She posted a photo of her and Jeremy with a caption regarding how wrong it was to “dabble with sexual intimacy” before marriage. “Their honestly may sting, but it could also be what prevents some deep wounds,” she cryptically added.

Jacob unfollowed Audrey on Instagram

Around the same time as Audrey’s cryptic post and Jacob’s engagement, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that Jacob also unfollowed Audrey on Instagram. Radar Online reports Jacob finally mended the rifts between his parents and siblings and began following them on social media — but Audrey was still not in the picture.

Not only that, but Audrey and Jeremy have a baby girl, Ember — and Jacob seemingly never acknowledges his niece. He does seem quite close to Zach’s son, Jackson, however. He frequently posts photos of him and Jackson together, whereas his photos with Ember are rare at best. We’re assuming this has to do with the bad blood he has with Audrey, though fans may not know for sure.

Audrey has seemingly tried to make amends — but does Jacob accept?

More recently, it seems Audrey may actually be attempting to squash whatever feud there may have been with Jacob. In Touch Weekly notes in the summer of 2018, Audrey posted photos of Jacob and Isabel to her Instagram stories while they were all in Michigan together. She captioned one of her photos with “Ice cream walks,” and it depicted the three of them walking and eating ice cream together. And while Jacob seemingly still does not follow Audrey on Instagram, fans have also noticed that Audrey went on to Jacob’s Instagram and “liked” many of Jacob’s uploaded posts.

Perhaps there was no real feud between them after all and fans were just looking too far into their social media activity and differing beliefs. Or, maybe there was bad blood and Audrey is still attempting to mend fences. Jeremy and Audrey as well as Jacob have chosen to no longer take part in Little People, Big World, so we may never get answers.

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