Why ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo was Accused of Being a Total Diva

We remember when Theresa Caputo first got her start on TLC’s Long Island Medium all those years ago. Fans were immediately taken with her gift to communicate with the dead — but that’s not the only reason she drew such a loyal audience. Theresa also seems like a genuinely nice woman from Long Island (who also had signature sass, hair, and nails, of course). From her vivacious personality to her special talents, we all got an in-depth look into what her life was like as a working medium — and we loved it.

Unfortunately, some fans think her on-screen personality is just for show. There have been multiple reports of truly diva-like behavior from the medium. Here’s what happened.

One source claimed Theresa won’t leave the house without her essential look

If there’s one thing that Theresa’s known for her aside from her ability to connect with spirit, it’s her look. Her hair is typically bleached blonde and stacked high, her nails are long, beautifully painted, and always done professionally, and we’ve certainly never seen her leave the house without makeup on. Fans aren’t too surprised to hear Theresa may be a little high maintenance — but Celebeat reports one source claims it’s way more over the top than we’d expect.

According to the publication, an insider told Radar Online, “She won’t leave the house without full hair and makeup, the perfect manicure and a fresh spray tan. The process can take hours.” They also added, “She is obsessed with designer shoes. I’ve never seen anyone spend more money on high-end accessories, including watches and purses.”

Theresa also allegedly required 5-star amenities when traveling

Aside from her hair, makeup, and wardrobe demands, it seems Theresa may be particular about where she stays when she’s traveling as well. As one source told Radar Online, “She and her entourage only fly first class, and she even refuses to fly on certain airlines.” And when it comes to her hotel stay, she’s just as particular here, too. The source continued, “She refuses to stay in anything but brand new, five star hotels. She hates older properties. And she will only sleep in the king or presidential suite.” Even her mattress allegedly must be Tempur-Pedic.

The full five-star experience also includes food, of course — and the source told Radar that Theresa must have “fresh kale and deli meats — but only if the brand is Boar’s Head. … If something isn’t up to her standards, she throws a huge temper tantrum!”

She expects a lot from her staff, per an insider

On Long Island Medium, we see Theresa approaching folks from all walks of life — and she never appears to be demanding or judgmental of anyone else. Unfortunately, the source who spoke with Radar Online notes she’s not nearly as nice to her own staff as she is to random folks on her program. The source explained that Theresa expects her local runners to “drive her around in a late model SUV to appointments” since she “can’t be seen in a Camry.” They went on to explain that the TLC star also doesn’t tip or drivers or bellmen and instead gets her assistant to do it. As the source said, “She believes handing someone money is beneath her.”

Could all of this diva-like behavior be true? It seems these sources aren’t the first to denounce Theresa’s behavior, so maybe so. Bravo host Andy Cohen, radio star Howard Stern, and even Anderson Cooper have spoken about their dislike for the Long Island Medium star.

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